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A company, whose avowed raison d’etre is “to make life more beautiful” has got
to be really and truly worth a second look. So look (and look) below.


CLARINS Amapola de California versión ClarinsIn 1954 medical student Jacques Courtin-Clarins founded Clarins, the family company that would quickly become famous for luxury face- and body-treatment products based on plants. When Jacques opened his first beauty institute on rue Tronchet in Paris, he was filled with the “desire to advance beauty by making it more real and natural,” according to the Clarins group. *

BB Skin Detox Fluid

BB Skin Detox Fluid. Clarins’ body treatment products are considered among the world’s best

If you enjoy doing what you’re doing, you could hardly fail and Jacques’ motto was “Do more, do better and enjoy doing so.”  Fifty short years later the Clarins brand for high-end face care products is top of the heap in Europe, and its body care products are considered among the best in the world, with Double Serum one of the best-selling specific skincare products worldwide. Angel and Alien by Thierry Mugler, for the Clarins portfolio, are among the top-selling fragrances in France, the UK, Germany and the United States.

Naturally, Clarins has its own Research and Development laboratories. Its founder saw to that. But while its skin care products and perfumes are developed exclusively in France, 88% of them are exported around the world.

Such a sensational success needs adequate infrastructure. Already in 2005 the Clarins group boasted 19 subsidiary companies that took care of distribution in more than 150 countries.

Multi-Active facial night cream with Amapòla extracts

Multi-Active facial night cream with Amapòla extracts

In June 2008, Christian and Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Jacques’ sons and heirs, bought out minority shareholders, enabling them to get Clarins delisted from the Paris Stock Exchange. In so doing they have insured the group’s independence. Today, Clarins is a family enterprise, as it was in the beginning.

In 2010, Virginie, Claire, Jenna and Prisca Courtin-Clarins, the daughters of Christian and Olivier, joined the group’s Supervisory Board. Clarins says, “They embody both renewal and continuity.” The company couldn’t have chosen more beguiling brand ambassadors, which the four girls are.

Dream with an "Angel" -- Mugler's "Angel"

Dream with an angel– Mugler’s “Angel”

Clarins is audacious. “Because it combines creativity, commitment and determination, audacity is a driving factor for innovation and success. For us,” says Clarins, “being bold is to believe in man and in his wild imagination. It means forging new cosmetics and fragrances paths, being where you do not expect us. It is about constantly reinventing ourselves. It is about pushing the boundaries of science. It is about daring to surprise… Dreaming to make others dream.”

The Clarins group is nothing if not, in Clarins’ owns words, for its “need for quality, a sense of excellence, taste for efficiency combined with sensory appeal, the desire to seduce and succeed in beauty!”

And as we move ever deeper into the cold bleak winter, we can only dream of Spring 2016 where Clarins promises “instant luminance”.

Be Long Mascara Black

Be Long Mascara Black


Rouge Eclat pink blossom

Rouge Eclat pink blossom



Joli Rouge Brillant coral tulip

Joli Rouge Brillant coral tulip


Model showing off Spring 2016 <make-up Collection

Model showing off Spring 2016 Make-up Collection












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