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Campo del Moro with the Royal Palace in the background: The 19th-century park is one of the most
beautiful landscapes in
the nation’s capital. It is named for the 12th-century episode when
Muslim Gen. Ali bin Yusuf wanted to reconquer
Madrid. His troops assembled
in what is now called the Campo del Moro (the Moor’s Field)



Madrid launches a new international
tourism promotion campaign

Grafica campaña turismo_PalacioReal

In its latest endeavour to inspire future visitors to the city, the Madrid City Council’s Tourism Department has launched a new international tourism campaign to promote the image of the capital. The target is the city’s main strategic markets and the aim is to secure Madrid’s position as a world-leading urban destination.

Under the motto “If life were a city, it’d be Madrid” this campaign aspires to transmit the energy of the city and the people that make it the warm and welcoming place it is, as well as the authentic lifestyle that makes Madrid a unique destination. A message that places value on the city’s qualities of optimism, vitality, vibrancy, and open-mindedness.

The campaign is in line with Madrid City Council’s new Tourism Strategy and reflects its commitment to a sustainable, safe and quality tourism model with a more significant economic impact that will turn the capital into a leading tourist destination. Designed in collaboration with professionals of the Madrid tourism sector, the plan lays the foundations for this promotional strategy which aims to help revive and boost this industry which is so important to the city.

Madrid, moment by moment

The visuals chosen for this promotional initiative illustrate a picture of Madrid by means of the unique experiences visitors can enjoy during their stay in the city. Thanks to some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, from its historical and cultural heritage and its food scene to its local handmade products and its leisure and entertainment options, there are endless opportunities for each and every visitor. These moments filled with excitement, life and sensations take place on the stage that is Madrid and seek to inspire visitors to experience all the city has to offer, to be uplifted by its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and to enjoy its unique way of life.

Strolling through the picturesque Campo del Moro Park; contemplating masterpieces at the Prado, one of the greatest museums in the world; enjoying the best local food in the best company; discovering places that take your breath away with loved ones; taking in the best views of the city’s stunning skyline; wandering through the streets of the historic quarter and stumbling across hidden gems; and making unforgettable memories when shopping for that special gift. All these and many more moments make Madrid one of a kind.

This creative campaign will also include the new promotion video “10 Plans to Live Madrid”. This positive and uplifting audiovisual piece aims to attract visitors by showcasing the lifestyle of the capital through the host of wonderful cultural activities and tourist attractions it has to offer.

Promotion in the US and Latin America

This campaign will be launched in the capital’s two biggest target markets, the US and Latin America, with a marketing strategy that will take place over four weeks. The US has traditionally been the main source of outbound tourism to Madrid, with Latin America also being a large source of visitors who bring great expenditure to the city. Specifically speaking, the target markets will be the East Coast of the US (New York, Boston, Chicago and Miami), plus Mexico City, Monterrey and Bogotá.

Although these promotional initiatives will, for the most part, concentrate on the above markets, the campaign will also target three European countries: France, Germany and Portugal. All three have been chosen as they are significant sources of outbound tourism to the capital and countries that are receptive to Madrid’s message.

Digital strategy

In accordance with the directives of the Tourism Strategy, the campaign will be completely digital and will include several lines of action: promotional pieces in prestigious publications in the form of advertorials, marketing strategies to promote the video on social networks like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and the promotion of the official Tourism website of the city of Madrid,

“If life were a city, it’d be Madrid” will be featured in media of the Condé Nast USA group and on websites such as Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, and The New Yorker, and in The New York Times travel section. In South America, the campaign will be promoted by means of Forbes and Food&Wine, and in Europe it will be published in newspapers such as Süddeustche Zeitung (SZ), Le Monde, Expresso, and Publico.

After the first phase of the campaign is complete, the second part of the campaign is planned to go ahead in September for a longer period of time and with greater media investment. The aim is to increase the scope and visibility and to share this message about the destination that is Madrid.



Featured image: Campo del Moro/Esetena via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY3.0