King’s College Book Corner Competition

Teachers and pupils across King’s College’s Primary School had a nail-biting wait as the Student Council set to work judging the annual book corner competition. The Student Council developed a list of criteria and set about inspecting the amazing creations that have sprung up around the school. Each classroom has an area for reading, but each class competes to win the title and have the best book corners in school.Nov 2014 article - first pic










As part of the King’s College reading corner competition, the children in Year 2 helped the teachers to make an interesting and inviting reading corner for their classroom. The children enjoyed coming up with different ideas of how to make it look good. A child in the Leopard Class said “It was very fun doing art for the reading corner”. Here is a picture of one of the beautiful reading corners in the competition

After long deliberations the winners are….Year 2B, Year 4D and Year 5R. Well done to everyone for their amazing efforts on their book corners and to the Student Council.

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King’s College School Trip to La Pedriza  

This year’s series of trips to La Pedriza with Year 7 and Year 6 is off to a great start, with a very successful trip on Friday for students of 7M and 6S. The 7M and 6Sers have been somewhat cursed with bad weather this week, making trips a little too unsafe and uncomfortable to run, but Friday gave them a perfect, sunny, still day to root around in the breathtaking granite hills in the north of Madrid.

Nov 2014 article PEDRIZA 1Mr. Clery once again led his Year 6 group for a tour of the extraordinary landscape, bringing to life ideas about weathering, rock formations, geology and the human influence on landscapes. Thanks to recent rains too, the students had the opportunity to show how water sculpts the landscape. The Year 6’s really enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to get out in the open air.

Mr. Davis and Ms. Bradley took 7M up to discover how changing landscapes, soils, tree cover and altitude affect different living species. Although many didn’t quite know where to hunt for such organisms at first, it wasn’t long before the whole group was excitedly rummaging about on and under the rocks, trees and soil to uncover a wealth of bizarre and exciting creatures. It’s now the task of the students to collate the samples they have found and identify them and suggest why the samples are found in specific areas.

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King’s Infant School Learn About “People Who Help Us”

In Reception, the children have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. They have talked about the people who help at home, in the school and in the community. They were then visited by people who came to speak to them about their jobs and how they help others.

For example, Leonardo’s uncle, a doctor, came to talk about the equipment that doctors use, e.g. stethoscopes, thermometers and tongue depressors. The children even got to explore the equipment with their friends, listening to each other’s hearts and putting surgical gloves on each other. Leonardo’s uncle also showed some of the things that doctors wear, such as face masks and surgical gloves. The children were very interested in learning about the work of a doctor and had lots of comments and questions.Nov 2014 article - people who help 1

Angeles, who works as a cleaner at the school, also came to visit. She showed pupils some of her equipment, such as the different cleaning products that she uses, the ‘wet floor’ sign and her cleaning trolley. Some of the children were able to wheel her trolley around the classroom. Angeles also spoke to the children about the importance of keeping their classrooms clean and suggested ways that they could do to help keep areas tidy, e.g. by putting paper in the bin. She talked to the children about keeping the toilets clean, and also emphasised the importance of washing their hands after using the toilet.

Finally, some police officers came to speak about road safety. They talked about how to cross the road safely and how to look at the traffic lights to make sure there is a green man (Don Jose) before crossing. They also spoke about zebra crossings and the importance of wearing a seat belt in the car and not distracting parents whilst driving.Nov 2014 article - people who help 2

The Reception team is giving a big thank you to Leonardo’s uncle, the police, and Angeles for their help.

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