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The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – ‘tis the
difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.
Mark Twain


Dear American Club of Madrid members,

We are going through exciting changes and we need some of your lightning, your energy, your experience and your skills in our continuous work to improve and grow the Club.

The American Club of Madrid’s board of directors plans, comes up with ideas, prepares and coordinates events, publicizes, and creates community within our membership and with other groups.

As your board, we are asking you to help us carry out this work. Although we are asking for volunteers, the right word is really a large matter… we are looking for something more specific; for collaboration, support and teamwork.

Every single one of you can help, even if just by suggesting activities you would like to attend if they were sponsored by the club, and by clicking on the red button to answer the questionnaire.

Your participation matters! For example, we are currently working on adopting Wild Apricot, a club management software program and Club App to manage events and membership more effectively, and communicate in new ways within the club. We are looking for members to help us with this project. We also need members to help with social media, graphic design, membership, and planning great Happy Hours and other events. Please join us!

There is a variety of specific tasks you can help with, occupying as little as a few hours on a one-time project, to serving as a team member on a committee of your interest, and several leadership opportunities. All training is happily provided! We are a fun group with lots of creative energy! Look at the list in the questionnaire, or suggest your own offer to help.

I ask all of you, our members, to please click on the red button to fill out the quick questionnaire, and if you can help in any way please tell us how on the questionnaire. You can also talk with us to explore possibilities, but please do fill out the questionnaire!

I hope to see you at the Cibeles May Happy Hour (free for members) which is at the roof top bar of the beautiful white building pictured here overlooking the Cibeles fountain, and at the President Series Breakfast (free) with the Country Manager of McDonald’s on April 25th. Sign up for these and other fun and interesting events on Eventbrite. To sign up for or renew your membership please contact Jenny at membership@americanclubofmadrid.com or do it directly, even renewals, on Eventbrite.

Thank you, and best wishes for a wonderful Spring!

Thelma Butts

The American Club of Madrid
Serrano, 110, primera
28014 Madrid

Click here to give us your thoughts and interests, and to let us know if you can volunteer!