The great variety of nationalities who study at St. Michael’s College provides a stimulating intellectual atmosphere. At the end of the course the
student will have had a memorable summer


King’s College: world-class opportunities for the young

Since 1969 the British schools that make up King’s College in Spain have provided children with a rigorous and broad British education.  From King’s College pupils usually go on to study at the best British universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, London School of Economics, Manchester and St Andrews. Those who opt to enrol in other places do it in the best universities, be it in Spain, other European countries or North America.

Getting a good degree from a top university and being bilingual in two of the world’s most important languages (English and Spanish) open a huge range of career and other opportunities for these children.

Meanwhile there’s that  schooling before university part of which could well be summer school which could be fun.



Summer school: fun and lessons

The first thing that comes to the mind of the pupil when one says “Summer” is vacation which to him/her is synonymous to fun — no homework, no alarm clock to yank you out of bed at an ungodly hour in the morning. But fun can mix well with lessons if it is done the way of St Michael’s College at Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, England.

During the Summer holidays (end of June to end of August) Saint Michael’s College uses its expertise and facilities to provide intensive English language courses to students aged 10-16. Students of some 25 nationalities from all over the world come to improve their English, meet students from other countries and explore different parts of the UK.

The School

St Michael' s school_groundsSaint Michael’s College, which follows the traditional British educational system, forms part of the King’s College group. It is a small, friendly, international secondary boarding school that offers GCSE and A Levels, University Foundation and summer courses. The greatly varied nationalities of the students who study at the school creates a stimulating intellectual atmosphere.

Each student enjoys personal attention. Each member of the teaching staff acts as personal tutor to a small group of students.

St. Michael's School - ACCOMODATION jubilee_house_-_built_summer_2013The school is coeducational and offers the choice of residential or host family accommodation in carefully selected local families. A varied and exciting sports and social programme, including excursions, sports teams and cultural activities, is also provided.


The aims of St. Michael’s summer courses are as follows:

  • to help students learn as much English as possible in their time at the school
  • to ensure that students have an enjoyable holiday with St. Michael’s
  • to encourage students to make new friends from all over the world.
The Summer Programme

Weekly, students have nineteen classes of English (each class lasts 50 minutes). These nineteen classes are made up of 10 ‘main’ classes and nine ‘supplementary’ in which students use computers, prepare for excursions, play language learning games.

At the end of the course students are given a Saint Michael’s College certificate of attendance and each student also receives an individual report from their teacher.

Equally important, at the end of the course the student will have had a memorable summer.




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