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by Catherine Petit


Find the thing that lifts your spirits. The one thing that is important to you personally. 

Maybe it is listening to a favorite musical group or a singer that “takes you to a calm place.”

Maybe it is playing with your child, grandchild, friends’ children. Listen to the sounds of children playing on the playground. 

Play with a pet, yours or someone else´s

Do something new…

Do something you enjoyed as a child. Play in the sand, ride a horse, ride a bicycle, skate or ski.

Start a garden. It could be a vegetable garden, or a flower garden, or maybe a rock garden. 

How about taking a walk to see how the world is outside? New growth on plants, new flowers appearing in unexpected areas.

Go to the beach, warm sand beneath your feet as you approach the surf. Gulls cawing as they fly above your head. Oh, look! A beautiful sea shell for your pocket. 

Maybe there is a new exhibit at a local museum to take your mind away from all the sad thoughts wandering your mind. 

Go and sit in a church or synagogue. Experience the solemnity within the walls. Talk with God. Look about, see the beauty within the religious buildings. 

Speak with the priest or rabbi or minister. Maybe another person. Maybe a total stranger. Let them lighten your load.

Start a personal diary. A journal of your journey. Write the true feelings you can´t speak with to anyone. Feel free to pour your heart out, and after you write, feel free to scratch it out. There is no correct way or incorrect way to journal. Share your journal, or don´t share it. It is your special place to pour out your feelings.


Featured image/Mark Harpur, Unsplash
Skates/Matthias Böckel,  Pixabay
Church/Michael Gaida, Pixabay