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by Rose Maramba

I’d Celebrate Dos de Mayo with Pintxos in San Sebastian!

In fact, I did. I usually am in Madrid when Dos de Mayo comes around, to join the Madrileños in commemorating their heroic fight for freedom from foreign rule. But this year, the Second of May fell on a Thursday. And Labor Day on Wednesday. Because the two holidays fell in the middle of the week, they “contaminated” the whole work week, giving the Madrileños a truly long puente!

I couldn’t possibly let the golden week go untapped. And so I found myself in the lovely city of San Sebastian, less known as Donostia, a good 500 km north of Madrid, on Dos de Mayo, imbibing txikitos of txakoli (that’s cider in small glasses for you) which pairs off perfectly with the divine pintxos. The experience is as close to the taste of earthly paradise as one could get.

As I nibbled at the pintxos (I had to force myself not to gobble them down!), I thought of the tapas on Gran Via and I said to myself not unwickedly: Oh poor Madrileños! After all their heroism, look what they have to make do with.

Ah, but how could anyone anywhere else but in San Sebastian be so blessed with pintxos!

But then the weeklong puente is over and one finally returns to Madrid. And one can’t help thinking whatever the capital lacks, it’s still the best place to be, save on occasion. Photos: R. Maramba unless otherwise stated.












Featured image (Playa de la Concha, San Sebastian)/Josugoni, PD