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White Ibicenca sand, and sunshade to go with/Philippe Agnifili, CC BY-ND2.0


By Natalie McNeal


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of the Spanish city “Ibiza”? If your answer is something like sunny beaches and partying, you’d be correct! Although Ibiza is also known for its lush landscapes and sunny beaches, it’s mostly talked about for its abundance of infamous clubs and parties. Having said that, much more lies behind the craze of Ibiza parties, including stunning beaches and mysterious myths.

Ibiza is filled with young travelers yearning for a good time, and elders searching for a nice beach to relax at on holiday. The Ibiza airport is located 7 kilometers southwest from the main area of Ibiza Town, meaning that the island is well suited for renting a car while visiting, unless the plan is to stay in the center and hit all the clubs and bars. The most popular locations to vacation in are Playa d’en Bossa or San Antonio, where you can expect a lot of partiers and places to have fun. As can be expected, hotels will be less expensive outside of the center, though not by much. Ibiza is a heavily touristy location; therefore, the prices are typically high, especially during the summer months.  With a rental car, however, it is assured that adventuring the many “calas” (coves) and secret beaches of Ibiza will be more accessible. With just a quick drive and some exploring, some of the most vibrantly blue water can be found, with less crowded beaches.

One thing Ibiza hasn’t lost in time is its captivating spirituality and sense of mystery. One of the greatest and most mystical parts of Ibiza is the island of Es Vedrà, an island made of limestone reaching 200 meters tall. This island is uninhabited and can be seen from Cala d’Hort, where it stands mysterious and is said to give “good energy”, making it a hotspot for people searching for places to meditate and other spiritual practices, keeping alive the hippy aspect of Ibiza in the sixties. (See “Ibiza: Hippy Paradise in the Mediterranea”) One of the biggest claims surrounding the island is that it is the third most magnetic spot in the world, behind the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole. Although this isn’t proven, it is a fun thought while looking at it towering above the sea. Others claim that there have been many UFO sightings near the island, strange lights and even noises coming from underwater. The myths of Es Vedrà will live on, and will definitely maintain the hippy movement that Ibiza has become famous for. (For more on Es Vedrá, particularly in winter, see “Es Vedrà, Ibiza: Where Odysseus Lost His Way.”)

Another important characteristic of Ibiza is the nightclubs that keep the summers lively and full of young partygoers looking to dance the night away. The nightclubs in Ibiza are some of the world’s most famous, hosting important DJs nightly, which attracts music lovers from all corners of the world. The three top nightclubs in Ibiza are Pacha, Amnesia, and Ushuaïa. Pacha is the original Ibiza nightclub, and keeps its traditions strong by hosting flower power nights where the theme is 70’s hippy. Pacha opened in 1973 and now is a well-known club worldwide. Amnesia is known for open-air clubbing in the 80’s, and plays techno style music. Ushuaïa is a more recent addition to the island, opening in 2011, but nonetheless extremely famous and known for holding the world’s most important DJ’s. This club is unique because it is outdoor clubbing, in the center of a hotel.

Since these clubs are world-renowned, it might be obvious that they aren’t quite easy on the wallet. Most nights spent at these clubs cost at least forty euros, not including drinks inside which can be heavily overpriced.

The island has grown as a tourist town greatly since the ’60s, but still maintains its roots with its mystery and culture, as well as knowing how to have a good time.

Whether one chooses to experience Ibiza by dancing until dawn, exploring the rich history and mystery of the island, or both, it is without a doubt that the experience will be something to remember.


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