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Óscar Terol, actor, author, scriptwriter and director, is arguably the comedian who has made Spanish audiences laugh the most these past couple of years.  His career as a comedian started off inadvertently when it occurred to him to send out a video to his family for laughs. And what do you know? In just a matter of hours, the video went viral!

Lately, Terol’s shows highlight the funny side of the surrealistic situations people are confronted with. This focus is likely the key to the success of his shows. His brand of humor provides a much-needed escape valve when the pressures of social and economic crises, pandemics and people’s inner fears reach an intolerable point.

Terol’s new show, staged at the Teatro Marquina in Madrid on 1 and 2 July, is titled “Mundos Para Lelos (Worlds for Fools)” which could just as easily read as “Mundos Paralelos (Parallel Worlds)”.

“Mundos Para Lelos” is about the incomprehensible world where people struggle incessantly to hide their “yo tonto (Me, the fool)” from public view.

And yet there’s a yo tonto in every one; there is no such thing as a full-time, round-the-clock smart person. Everyone suffers from miseries, from being stymied by what in effect are life’s unsolved, daunting crossword puzzles.

Because of their all-too-human imperfections, people should just respect one another and refrain from exposing people’s collective failings. To do otherwise will only serve to underscore the presence of the yo tonto that’s an integral part of humans.

More about Terol
Óscar Terol is the creator of such TV shows as “Que pasa pués”, “Vaya semanita”, “Made in China”, “Al rescate” and “Allí abajo”.

Moreover, he has written books of humor about the Basque people: Todos nacemos vascos, Ponga un vasco en su vida, Técnicas de la mujer vasca para la doma y monta de maridos, etc.

Mundos para Lelos
Genre: comedy
Duration: 1 h. 15 min.
Teatro Marquina
Calle Prim, 11  28004 Madrid
Tel. +34 915316545
Date: 1 & 2 July 2022
Admission: from age 16



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