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Banduxu: Population, 43 


by Jack Wright


It’s spring. We’re nearing Holy Week. There’s bound to be a merciful break from your crushing workload. Thinking of losing yourself back of beyond and forgetting about a wearying busy life for a while? There’s a remote village in central Asturias (dubbed “Paraiso Natural”) where you could literally do it. Or, more precisely, do nothing! Away from everything except a cow or two and the spectacular views of the mountains.

No bars

No bars. No wi-fi connection. No facilities except your own wits.

Quite a challenge, huh? And yet it’s supposed to be a place to relax—a misnomer. The better word would be a place to disconnect, which disconnection doesn’t necessarily bring relaxation along with it.

The landmark Church of St Mary

We’re talking about Banduxu (population: 43 at the last count) which dates back to the 8th century and is perched some 700 meters up in the mountains. It’s 11 km from the Municipality of Proaza.

Tower of Banduxu is in the center

Are these worth a mention? Tiny as the village is, there’s the medieval Church of St. Mary which was reformed in the eighteenth century, and the well-preserved late medieval defensive Tower of Tuñón (aka Tower of Banduxu) which, declared an asset of cultural interest (Bien de Interes Cultural) in October 2009, serves as town hall. Also as prison. For what crime? Milking a solitary cow on the sly?

If after all this spooky presentation you still think Banduxu is a good bet for the Semana Santa, pack your wits and go! You might not regret it.


Images via Wikimedia Commons
Featured image (Banduxu)/Luis Rogelio HM, CC BY-SA2.0
Family home/Yandrak, CC BY-SA4.0
No bars/Denis Soria, CC BY-SA4.0
Church of St Mary/
Tower of Banduxu