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Well, it’s a reading dialogue and book signing, to be more precise.


Date: Thursday, October 22nd
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: AWC clubhouse
Plaza de la República de Ecuador 6, 28016 Madrid
Metro Colombia
For more info: 91 457 1108

Space is limited so please call ahead. Open to guests. Bring your friends!


It’s AWC  member Marjorie Kanter’s latest publication Small Talk, a collection of short literary, poem-like pieces (hybridities) based on true-to-life experiences and some questions and reflections. Small Talk plays like jazz with improvisations and melody with different tempos.MARHORIE KANTER Small Talk Cover YES (1)

Kanter fills the texts with irony, humor, and sensitivity. To read her pieces is to go through a kaleidoscope of experiences that changes with each reading. It’s a compilation of her work imagined, experienced, written, and rewritten over the past ten years.

Marjorie Kanter is a writer, public art installer, inter-active performance and creativity-writing workshop facilitator, and investigator. Characteristic of her writing are little interactions and short reflective pieces. She plays with border crossings, integrating many areas of interest into her creative work including the pragmatics of communication, language development, bilingualism, linguistics, ethnography, psychology, life writing, sociology, and interculturality.  In her writing, she strives to mesh (all) her different selves, experiences, and interests.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kanter has lived in Spain for the past 30 years.

Marjorie Kanter reads

Marjorie Kanter reads

Kanter’s works include
Small Talk, I Displace the Air as I Walk, The Bagged Stories: An Installation Project, The Saddle Stitch Notebooks, Impoliteness: One Hundred Impolite Days, The Skirt, House Menu, The Swimming Pool, The Outsider . . .




Featured image by Jo-B from Pixabay