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Wide-Angle Lens HD Camera Quadcopter Drone, recently on eBay at $44.99


by Jack Wright

These buggers have all but made hand-held phone selfies dull, common and embarrassingly humdrum. In a word, obsolescent! And remember the clumsy selfie stick? If you have one, keep it well out of sight unless you want to appear hopelessly dated.

The selfie stick of old

The big buzz these days is the selfie drone. They come at all prices but they have one thing in common; they’re awfully handy. You can take them with you wherever you go.

These eyes in the sky take selfies at hitherto unimagined angles. They’ll blow you!

By definition, a selfie drone is a small remote-controlled unmanned flying vehicle used to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective. Typically, they’re less than two feet in diameter but they could be much smaller.

Taking selfies from selfie drones and uploading them on the social media is the rage.

Selfie drone: Quadcopter drone on air


Mavic-Pro selfie with Wide-Angle HD Camera, $99.99 on eBay



DJI Phantom Pro Plus. Price: New = $2280/€1999. Size: 30x30x15 cm. Weight: 1.4 Kg










Featured image, Fair use
Selfie stick/Daniel Case, CC BY-SA3.0

Girl in red shirt/Katsiyarina Endruszkiewics, Unsplash
Selfie drone on air/Sebastian Bourguet, Unsplash
Mavic, Fair use
DJI Phantom, Fair use
Man/Martin Sanchez, Unsplash