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by Jack Wright


A group of tourists visiting Madrid for the first time got so fascinated by a “museum” in their guidebook which sounded extraordinary: Museo del Jamón (Ham Museum).

Tourists waiting to enter the Museo del Jamon on Gran Via, Madrid

They most definitely would not want to miss the experience of visiting such an unusual museum. But much as they googled where to buy tickets, their search failed. As a last resort. they walked up to the first cop they saw on the street and asked where to buy tickets for the “Muséo”.

The cop was flabbergasted; the Museo del Janón is a hugely popular chain of butcher shops cum restaurants specializing in Spanish hams, everybody knows that. Despite the claim of the establishment on its website that the chain is made up of “the most delicious museums in Madrid (los museos más sabrosos de Madrid),” the Museo del Jamón is not a museum by a long shot. The cop stopped himself short of scratching his head in dismay, which was duly covered with his uniform hat anyway.  Couldn’t they see? Some folks could be so ignorant! Or too gullible as to be easily misled by a name.

Inside a Museo del Jamon. See the hams literally hamstrung against walls and from the ceiling.

When the cop got over his shock, he obligingly shepherded the tourists to the door of the “museum” and, bowing ceremoniously, not without a touch of irony, he said to them, “Get in, admission is free. No tickets required. ¡Buen provecho!


> Featured image/Dario Alvarez, CC BY2.0 VIA Wikimedia Commons
> Tourist in front of Museo del Jamon/©Jack Wright. All rights reserved.
> Inside Museo del Jamon/karel291, CC BY3.0, Wikimedia Commons