GUIDEPOST REPRINT: “Is Season of Good Cheer,” 2 January 1970

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by Axel Morgenson
2 January 1970

Guidepost cover, 2 January 1970



T’was the night before Christmas up here in the town

and all of Terreno is drinking them down!

The lads and the ladies have bleaching the hair,

for they know that the Sixth Fleet it soon will be there.

And Old Miss Mahoney, on way to Mam´s Bar,

is smashing the telephone pole with her car.

Al Hix with the whisky and me with my beer,

oh yes, we are happy one damn to be here!

The Season of Good Cheer and Brotherly Love!

(Poor John! Why he sleep after turn on the stove?)

By Golly! Is time to be happy and jolly!

Gomila all decked out in tinsel and holly…

When from in Bar Africa comes such a clatter

I rush in the door to see what is matter.

Poor Bullmoose is lying asleep on the floor,

and if this is so then why does he not snore?

Because his good friend, so I hear it is said,

has broken the Christmas tree over his head.

Tonight all the bars they stay open till morn,

and many will wish that they never were born.

But still they all sing and be happy, because…

Hey wait one damn minute… Where is Santa Claus?

It looks like this story is getting too tight,

and I am so drunken I hardly can write.

Last thing I remember, I lurch out the door,

and what do I see, but a vision, by Thor!

High over the rooftops rides One Oh Three Charlie,

driving twenty-five reindeer, my God what a parley!

The full moon glows bright off his shiny shaved head,

and his full Christmas beard he has dyed fiery red.

Terreno all hears as he calls through the dark,

”On, Larry Borracho! MacShane, Jill and Stark!

On Alva! On Elvis! On Red and Karakas!

Let´s get out of here ´fore the D.T’s attack us!”

And I heard him exclaim as he passed out of sight,

”Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fight!”   


Featured image/Comstock, from freeimages
Santa/Reinhold Möller, CC BY-SA4.0 via Wikimedia Commons