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Poiana Brasov

A 4-Part Series


By Margaux Cintrano
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Lux Divina
Str. 13 Decembrie Nr. 96
Telephone:   40 268 4
Brasov, Romania 78 800
Email:  Office@luxdivina.ro


LUX DIVINA is an urban warehouse oasis which provides the art of catering food and beverage services & hotel accomodation,  for business conferences and meetings alike, exhibitions,  weddings, anniversary and birthday celebrations, wine tastings, concerts, educational training courses and furthermore is  located less than three kilometres from the center of Brasov. It has an amazing clientele, including  heads of state, travellers, captains of industry, business magnates and professionals from all sectors.margaux romania lux divina brasov - website

After the extensive renovation of the entire property all modern facilities are offered.

The executive Romanian Chef Georgy Valery is just one of the most remarkable culinary artists who has made LUX DIVINA into a premier dining destination. An astounding array of the finest local products, and the magnificent art of dressage, are ready to surprise and dazzle your palates as never before, with dishes of grand finesse and impeccable natural local ingredients of top notch quality.

The salons for personalized catered events are created and fashioned to the needs of its clients.  The customer service is convivial and the state rooms, the salons of all sizes providing  the allure of elegance and/or club casual ambiance.   You name it and it shall be created by their amazing Design Team. The furnishings required, color schemes requested and cutting edge technological equipment to suit your needs are there for the asking.

There are 21 modern rooms for guests who wish to spend a few days, in a reasonably priced centrally located hotel.


(5)  The Aro Palace Hotel
Five Star Hotel and a  Restaurant with a Lady Chef, Cornelia Ghisoi
Bld. Eroilor 27
Brasov City Center
Telephone Reservations:  40 268 415 575


The Aro Palace

The Aro Palace

Worldwide the  PALACE HOTEL takes grand pride in its epicurism.  The royal treatment in one of the finest hotels in the center of Brasov City, and the palatial surroundings of the establishment are what makes  this Hotel Restaurant one of  most attractive destinations for those who wish regal treatment.

The restaurant and its spectacular Lady Chef Cornelia Ghisoi is worthy of the accolade of indisputable merited excellence.

What is special?  Chef CORNELIA´s compositions marry the basics of the regional style,  utilizing the most exemplary products of the zone and international market, and she possesses  a superb baking tradition too.  She turns combinations into delectable haute couture cuisine with vogue fashion art of plating, yet under all the glamour her compositions and creative imagination are always flawless with natural  high wattage taste and her classic French training techniques.

Our dazzling dynamic Degustation had begun with “amuses bouches “ or appetizers accompanied by a showcase of exquisite wines.

Some of the extraordinarily unique dishes we had were:

Lady chef Cornelia Ghisoi

Lady chef Cornelia Ghisoi

The Gravlaux Salad served with hard boiled eggs and adorned with radishes accompanied by a mango and tri color field green salad.

A Cream of Leek Soup served with a baked-on-premises crispy  rectangular flatbread adorned with cress and sprouts.

The two main courses included the fresh catch of the day and the blue rare filet mignon.

The finale was simply a sweet tooth´s abandonment into heaven galore, and was a triology of a verrine with red fruits, a chocolate concoction that was a jewel and a masterpiece of seasonal sugar art full of surprises.

Chef CORNELIA is dedicated to preserving her native local cuisine and products featuring the utmost in the art of dressage.

We rejoiced in the theme song of the Broadway musical, Cats, “Memory”. A most memorable gastronomic experience.


(6)  The Belvedere Hotel and Restaurant
Enchanting 3 Star Hotel & Restaurant in Brasov
Str. Stejerisului – NR. 11 – KM.  2
Drumul, Poienii
Reservations:  Office@hotelbelvederebv.ro; Telephones  40. 268. 415. 575  or 40. 735. 404. 169

This four star jewel of a hotel, THE BELVEDERE, sits upon a promontory overlooking the fir, spruce and pine forests and the historic city of Brasov just three kilometres away. Brasov native Chef, Ioan Florescu, holds court in its alluringly elegant restaurant with dazzling haute couture local cuisine and sweeping views of the stunning mountainside.

The superlative wine cellar, with bottlings stored in dark wood shelving units, with more than 2,000 labels,  fascinated my inquisitive nature.  It was  easy to imagine,  having a private sommelier serving the wines by the glass at the table.

Executive Chef Ioan Florescu draws on local ingredients and seasonal local produce.

Chef Ioan Florescu's irresistible creation

Chef Ioan Florescu’s irresistible creation

The unforgettable Degustation with paired wines was simply extraordinary.  The specialities of the house with a theatrical twist include:

The exceptional aperitifs, including an amazing Foie Gras de Canard with amuses bouches of strawberries and chocolate;

The starter, a white onion cream with ravioli stuffed with wild local mushroom varieties and adorned with quail eggs;

The fresh-catch turboor stuffed with fresh spinach and served with fresh mango rice; and

The exquisite Sous Vide venison, beef, and lamb.

All the dishes married perfectly with the wines served.

The sensational artisan desserts are prepared by lovely Alexandra Nicolette Popescu.  Accompanying the sweet tooth pleasures was a Semi Sweet with finesse, and a hint of fruit and floral, a white wine called Liliac 2012 Nectar Mono Varietal Muscat. Designation of Origin:  Transilvania.

This dessert wine is quite incomparable with its well developed balance of acid and its aromatic perfumes of quince and lychee.  Quite an amazingly extraordinary sipping experience.

The views are breathtaking and all the tables are focused on the scenic Frank Lloyd Wright philosophy of bringing harmony from the exterior to the interior and vice versa.

Italian Ristorante  Prato
Michael  Weiss Street 11
Reservations Highly Suggested:  eat@prato.ro
Telephone:  0268 473 367 or 0720 444 422

The narrow  cobblestone streets of historic Brasov are fabulously enchanting for a stroll.  Chockful of fashioned and historical cafés, bars, restaurants, and pubs, which fill the urban ambiance.

PRATO RISTORANTE is a phenomenal spot for taste tasting some of the finest Italian regional cuisine in the zone.  Located in the  magnificent historic district, where the back streets of the old quarter encompass an enchantment of a centuries gone by feeling, and merge with the  cosmopolitan vibe, yet remain  provincial and traditional and focus on  simple art of plating, and traditionally inspired Italian dishes made artisanally  with a loving hand.  When weather permits, there is a fabulous open air terrace where smokers may have their vice while having dinner and/or wines or cocktails and cafés.

“Traditionally inspired Italian dishes made artisanally “

The menus here are built around the bounty of the kitchen´s excellent local farm to table and imported Italian products.

The artisanal hand crafted Ravioli gems are a treat to remember.  Being an avid Risotto fan, the wonderfully talented Master Chef  Vajda Istvan  personally delivered the red prawn  Risotto to the tablet. Most of the guests are locals and regulars.

Also, highly suggested were the fresh catch of the day and the blue rare filet mignon.

The wines were paired for each of the dishes with a wide variety of both Italian wines and local superbly splendid Romanian wines which married each of the dishes perfectly.

Modern art line the  flawlessly beautiful icy pale coral blush walls in a woodsy yet contemporary decor scheme.



(8)  Restaurant Coliba Haiducilor
Poiana, Brasov
Reservations:  www.colibahaiducilor.ro
Reservations Telephone:  4. 02668. 262. 137
Email:  info@colibahaiducilor.ro


From the moment you arrive, you shall enter another world where rustic woods and traditional woven fabrics with country patterns and authentic Romanian rustic country antiques reign supreme in an ambiance filled with the warmth and folkloric traditions of a bygone era.

margaux romania poiana brasov winter scenePoiana, Brasov is all about discovering the many hidden rewards of profoundly traditional Romanian epicurism.

Images of prancing horses pulling sleighs, smoke curling from rural chimneys and the cherished idea of of a most picturesque restaurant inn nestled away in the mountains and set in a quaint rural hamlet providing a postcard perfect feast with a real flair for the traditional festive here.margaux romania casaviorel-coliba haiducilor

COLIBA HAIDUCILOR is renowned for its profoundly authentic traditional Romanian gastronomic products grown locally and served farm and sea to the table.

To start off, one enters a retail type cellar of the homestead, however, on the ground floor of a traditional manor house where you shall be offered a Romanian classic plum brandy served in ceramic tree trunks, while browsin uncountable shelves of pickled local vegetables and an  array of some of the finest cured and smoked meats and hot breads served from the hearth.  The charcuterie, and specifically the pastrama, is simply extraordinary.

The dining salon is a panorama of fabled antiques and rustic wares.  It´s an ambiance to share with friends who often come to visit. The local dishes are served in pure Romanian classic tradition.   Highly suggested is a Tasting Menu of a wide variety of wonderment to the palate.


End of Romania series



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