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by Margaux Cintrano



C / Mutaner 82
Barcelona 08011
Location: Eiample

Reservations highly suggested:  (93) 451 1796


The gastronomic world has uncountable lists of the best restaurants around the world.  This may or may not be on a list, however, it is simply a definite statement and reflection of what is extraordinary in Barcelona.  What is Now, New and Unforgettable.

If you have ever dreamed of sitting in an Indo Chine Vietnamese or Japanese garden, then the Restaurant Indo Chine shall transport you and your guests to Asia within a 45 minute plane ride from Madrid or a 2-hour train ride, to Barcelona.

Located in a  “Serrano type neighborhood” called  Eiample, Indo Chine´s glass double doors provide an unforgettable view automatically, just as you go through it.

Embellished with wood flooring and stunning authentic antique  Asian armoirs, in an architecturally refurbished and renovated palatial townhouse, one walks  past the open style kitchen into a tranquil lush garden, filled with incredibly lovely lavender and white  orchids, sub-tropical greenery, Asian flora, candlelit tables and low boy tables for those who wish to sit in the Japanese and  Vietnamese traditions.

This is one of the most acclaimed eateries for authentic Indo Chine Vietnamese Cuisine.  All the products are of the highest quality,  freshly wild caught fish and shellfish and without transgenetic engineered chemicals.

If you have never had Indo Chine cuisine, then I would highly suggest one of the Degustation Taster´s Cartes. They are 30 Euros, 40 Euros and 60 Euros.

The fair priced wine carte is terrific and veers toward a large selection of whites and sparkling wines from a vast variety of Spanish Designations.   

Our Martin Codaz Albariño from  Rias Baixas paired perfectly with our assorted fish and shellfish Degustation.


The Degustation Carte Consists of  Approximately 7 or 8 small courses:

Indo Chine Appetisers on served on sticks for easy handling
Indo Chine Cocktail
Indo Chine Ceviche
Indo Chine Langoustines
Indo Chine Octopus
Indo Chine Fish served in a tiny Le Creuset Red Orange Pot
Indo Chine Wagyu
Indo Chine Dessert