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Calle Leganitos 37 ( Next to Plaza España )
Metro Lines 3 & 10: Plaza España
Reservations for Large Groups Suggested: 91. 541. 1710
Hours: 12 Mid- day – 17.30 & 19.00 – Midnight


By Margaux Cintrano
Photos supplied unless otherwise stated

The next time you are craving Sashimi, Sushi or Chinese Regional in Madrid, head over to Plaza España. The daily laboral lunch is 9.80 Euros plus a beverage of choice.

A delighting delicious experience of regional Chinese and Japanese specialties combined with unlimited fun tasting are in store ..

The Buffet offers all the basic Chinese regional dishes, including noodles, rices, spare ribs, dumplings, Chinese vegetable dishes, prawns, chicken, beef and porc choices galore. The Chinese Aubergine ( Eggplant ) sautéed in garlic is a gem, as well as the Fresh Sashimi and the Sushi .. There are 3 or 4 types of Sashimi including Salmon, Tuna and Vegetarian Marine Algaes and then to top it off, a wide variety of Sushi in an array of rainbow colors. The Fideos (Rice Noodles) are simply splendidly superb. The Chinese Broccoli with beef is a true surprise and the prawns served with Chinese bok choi, bamboo and mushrooms is lovely. All the dishes are prepared daily and nothing is stale or frozen here.

The desserts include 12 flavors of icecream, several tarts from which to select, yoghurts, fresh seasonal fruits, and fruit salads.

There are approximately 25 varieties of regional Chinese Dishes to taste test, and approximately 8 types of Japanese treasures.

Not a Michelin Starred Restaurant by any means, however, the best of the neighborhood, and definitely an enjoyable adventure and pleasant company is always the key !

A short walk from the Guidepost offices, just walk to Friday´s, and cross Grand Via, go straight up the tiny narrow street and you shall come to Leganitos. Orient Restaurant is just right there.


Featured image (generic photo)/Brian Griffin, CC BY-SA2.0