GOURMET’S CHOICE: Japanese Passion in Pozuelo de Alarcón

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Restaurant KBK ARAVAKA

Avda. de Navacerrada 1
Pozuelo de Alcorcon 28224
Reservations highly suggested: 91. 805 1892
Website: http://www.kbkaravaka.es
Email: Info@kbkaravaka.es
Public transport: Intercambiador de Moncloa

by Margaux Cintrano
Photo supplied M. Cintrano


The interpretation of Japanese cuisine is essentially an aesthetic phenomenon of amazingly outstanding exponents of nature´s bounty and the seas daily catch. True passion is born when a team is devoted to perfection.

Chef Assistant Raul, Second in Command Jose Luis, Head Chef Hugo Muñoz, and Sales Rep of Asian products Javier Romero

Chef Assistant Raul, Second in Command Jose Luis, Head Chef Hugo Muñoz, and Sales Rep of Asian products Javier Romero

The Michelin Guide 2015 for Spain & Portugal, and The Repsol 2 Sun Rating, listed Japanese Restaurant KBK ARAVAKA and how it immerses and empowers its clients´ palates in a new perspective with a veteran top-notch chef team. Working in a team has totally inspired and motivated Executive Chef Hugo Muñoz Marina, his second in command José Luis, and the newcomer to the team, Raúl. All have one thing in common: the absolute passion for every little thing they do and the respect for the Japanese products employed here at Restaurant KBK Aravaka, about which there is absolutely no doubt in their heart or soul.

Friend and Sales Rep of Asian products Javier Moreno and I traveled to the secluded intimately scaled suburban zone of Pozuelo de Alcorcón to immerse ourselves in some of the most enchanting Japanese cuisines the city of Madrid and its suburbs offer. Inspired and ready to share this scrumptious and top-class epicurean adventure and delectable wine discoveries.



Embellished in spectacular black and softened earth tones, loft style Manhattan open space planning, nestled with an Oriental Rim seating arrangement, and a stunning Sushi Bar with oak blonde wood — all this creates quite a backdrop for the unmistakably beautiful cuisine served.

Let me begin with our palate openers which included a lovely slightly fruity Riesling Späptiese 2010 from Winery Peter Jakob Kühn and the incredible light and crisp yet aromatic House Godello Mono Varietal.

Mo Mi Ji, which signifies “of the hand”, are petite aperitifs which included a ponzu citric orange, lemon and spring onion slightly piquant concoction. Then we zestfully indulged in white tuna Ta Ta Ki, with oyster sauce and layers and layers of sautéed garlic chips. The Sushi Salmon followed on a bed of finely crisp crunchy Daikon. To continue with this amazing degustation, a Japanese Canary Island Fusion, specialty of the house, which is Coral Eggs, Canarian potatoes and Red Tuna composition.

A break was definitely called for.


crisdpy Sushi rice

Steak Tartare with crisdpy Sushi rice and flambéed tuna

The Tempura Txocochas Pil Pil, Galician green tiny peppers called padron with a hint of the piquant, was simply impeccably flawlessly extraordinary.

To move on, the amazingly stunning Nigiri of Red Snapper, flambéed in butter and Ponzo.

Now, let us turn to the Smoked Nigiri of fresh Sardines, prepared in a smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, followed by fresh Prawn Hummus and toot vegetable Celeriac.

The concluding delicacies we sampled were the Steak Tartare served with crunchy Sushi rice and flambéed tuna.

The desserts encompassed luxuriousness and the richness of a royal´s palate.

The samplings were:

A Torrija Brioche served with caramelized Brioche and Yuso, a citric lemon and orange dressing with strawberries

A green tea Sake Truffle

Our appreciation to Executive Chef Hugo Muñoz, Restaurateur Patricia Carbajosa, Waitress Paloma Tovar and Staff.


Michelin Star Chef Hugo and gracious restaurateur Patricia Carbajosa

Gracious KBK Aravaka owner Patricia Carbajosa with Michelin Star Chef David Muñoz