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Chef Sergio prepares traditional dishes in a vanguard format of profound Cantabrian aesthetics implementing the latest trends in dressage and the art of plating


By Margaux Cintrano
Photos: Sergio Bastard’s websites and social networks



Calle Repuente 20
Santander, Cantabria  39012
Telephone:    942 342 726 /  648 446 937

The Casona del Judio

The Casona del Judio


Sergio Bastard is the Executive Chef  of the CASONA DEL JUDIO restaurant and one of ten young Spanish Chefs worth watching closely, according to the national daily El País. He reigns hand in hand with vintner Carlos Crespo of Bodegas El Riojano in the stunning 19th century Indiana mansion (casona) which has been renovated recently   in the neighborhood of Monte, the Cantabrian  city of Santander.

The odd name (“Judio” means Jew) has been kept in memory of the former owner of the establishment who was known as “el judio (the Jew).”  There are 250 seats in the casona, and a unique blend of the XIX century with modernity provides a most extraordinary ambiance in each of the dining salons.




Chef Sergio prepares achovies (www. )

Chef Sergio prepares anchovies (www. guiamaximin.com)

Chef Sergio Bastard presents show cooking  of a professional nature for those who wish to experience and discover the most vanguard cuisine of the Cantabria. He prepares traditional dishes in a vanguard format of profound Cantabrian aesthetics  implementing the latest trends in dressage and the art of plating.  Show Cooking events are a combination of live demonstrations in culinary art courses and tasting events, ranging from 60 Euros to 72 Euros per person.



1) Anchovies of Cantabria

History of the Egg Yolk

History of the Egg Yolk

2) Tomato salad with fresh rock herbs

3) The History of the Egg Yolk
4) Smoked cockles with pine, sea fennel and black berries

5) The fresh catch of the day prepared with fresh blueberries (black mackerel)

6)  Fresh lobster served with lobster broth

7)  House  red wine: Bodegas Luis Cañas – La Rioja

Smoked cockles

Smoked cockles with pine nut, sea fennel and pepper

8)  House white wine:   Bodegas Albariño Zarate – Cambados, Rias Biaxas

9)  1 glass of Moët Chandon Champagne

10)  Water

Price per person
New Year´s Menu :  55 Euros
Price New Year´s Menu with a different wine with each course :   60 Euros
Price New Year´s Menu with a bottle of Moët Chandon :   70 Euros
Price New Year´s  Menu with Party Festivities :  90 Euros



 Margaux :   Tell us, where were you born and raised ?

Chef Sergio :  I  was born in Barcelona, but at the age of ten I had moved with my family to Valladolid to study Law.  Then, later on, I relocated to San Sebastian to study the culinary arts with Chef Luis Irizar.

Glazed chive

Glazed chive with oxalis leaves

M:  What motivated and influenced you to become a Chef ?

C S:   I have always loved to prepare pastry with my mother, and I had decided to go to a culinary seminar in San Sebastian.

M:  Where did you study to become a Chef and what is your culinary philosophy?

C S: I studied at the San Sebastian Institute of the Culinary Arts of Luis Irizar.  I did different internships, called “stages” with Chef Arzak, Chef Nicolasa, Chef Alameda, Chef Koktxa, and Chef Kukarri.   To turn to my culinary philosophy, I have a profound respect for nature and have developed the applications and techniques to benefit the product.

M:  Who was your professional mentor or mentors?

C S:   I have collaborated with uncountable Chefs, and have even staged with Chocolatier Paco Torreblanca.  I have learnt that being a Chef comes with effort and dedication.

Chef Sergio wins Aperitivo Codorniu at the Feria de Alimentacion (Food and Becerage Fair) in Barcelona in 2012. www.

Chef Sergio wins Aperitivo Codorniu Contest at the Feria Alimentaria (Food and Beverage Fair) in Barcelona 2012. www.asturiasmundial.com*

M:   What is your view on the popularity of television broadcasts and the public worship of Chefs and especially their artistic aspect of the art of plating ?

C S:   I understand that the public see our profession very differently than we as Chefs do;  but we must not lose sight of a very demanding career.  What is seen on TV  is the culmination of much sacrifice.

M:   What degree of importance do you bring to the aesthetics of the presentation of a  dish?

C S:   When one begins their meal, their eyes and nose experience the explosion prior to the taste explosion.  So appearance is most relevant.

M:  What are some of the comments that you have heard from the customers?

C S:   “Totally surprised”,  ” Totally amazed ”  are  very common comments.

Whisky candy

Whisky candy

M:   When working on a new dish, what is your creative process in terms of dressage?  Do you receive inspiration from paintings, photography, magazines, websites, flowers, geometrics, nature,  etcetera ?

C S:    We work with stories, and each dish is a story that we share while we are developing the plate.

M:  Very fascinating.  To turn to the next question: Who do you consider the most creative Chefs of Dressage ?

C S:   For me, Chefs who are not swayed by fashion, and who have developed their own path, for example, Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz.

M:   Tell us about 2015.

C S:   During 2015, we will continue to present our offers, events, and our Gourmet Bistro; and internationally, there is a future dream trip to Peru.  We would also like to travel to some of the major international cities in Europe.


*Feria Alimentaria Barcelona http://www.asturiasmundial.com/noticia/21117/sergio-bastard-gana-final-del-concurso-aperitivo-codorniu/