GOURMET’S CHOICE: An Air of Hedonism on Vieux Port, Marseille

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By Margaux Cintrano
Photos: Philippe Germaine


Vieux Port,  The Old Port of Marseille, on the Mediterranean Sea, along with its spirited historic district, is where the Chefs mingle and haggle over the fresh catch of the day as early as  6 a.m., and  where incredible sunrises and sunsets animate the onlookers, locals and tourists alike.

Marseilles Philippe Germaine Au Sud image001Vieux Port is also the home to RESTAURANT UNE TABLE AU SUD, located at Number 2, Quai Port, on the 2nd floor, an idyllic contemporary modernist Paradise overlooking the Old Port, Bonne Mère, and the Mediterranean Sea.

The paradisal venue, with its floor to ceiling windows, and spaciously arranged tables, coupled with its subtly illuminated decorative table lamps in shape of  Executive Chef Hats, and a sparse arrangement of local artworks, deep wood flooring treatment, columns, and views of gorgeous seascapes, create the amazing ambiance.

Karine and Ludovic. Photo by

Karine and Ludovic Turac

The renowned veteran Chef Lionel Levy, a former culinary student and mentee of Chef Alain Ducasse, and now Executive Head Chef at the Marseille Intercontinental  5  Star Hotel, was the former owner and the mentor to brilliant and extraordinary Chef Ludovic Turac, France´s  2011 Top Chef. He teamed up with his bilingual lovely lady, Chef Karine Turac, and together they create the unforgettable cartes.





 In a world where the accelerated pace of stress and monotomy appear to consume us, Une Table au Sud  emerges as a new millennium oasis, with an air of hedonisim, harmony, relaxation and panoramic memorable seaviews.


 The Taster’s Carte

The focaccia. Photo: Jean-Philippe Garabedian

The focaccia/Jean-Philippe Garabedian

1 /  Appetiser:   A sachet croquette morsel, called Cromesqui de Pieds, served with home made Ali oli and filled with silken foie gras.

2 /  Starter:   Foccacia ailée brandade de poisson de roche:  This is a home made lengthwise foccacia served with freshly caught Rock Fish, salad fixings, and a variety of fresh season vegetables drizzled with homemade French mayonaise.

3 /  The two main courses:  The Bouillabaisse XXI,  a shellfish broth served with shellfish from the day´s   catch, and  pollock, served on a checkerboard of fresh seasonal vegetables.

4 /  The White Wine:   Chateau La Dorgonne 2011 –  Expression du Terrior

The dessert. Philippe Germaine In Visions Gourmandes

The dessert

5 /  The Dessert:    The author´s  dessert of fresh cherries, cherry perfume and cardomom drizzled with a yogurt glaze.

LUNCH CARTE:  48 Euros per person

LANDLINE:   33  04  91 90 63 53



The main courses: Bouillabaisse and Pollock
Bouillabaisse. Photo: Ludovic Turac


Pollock. Photo: Philippe Germain of Visions Gourmandes





















Chef Turan with Philippe Germain

Chef Ludovic Turac with Philippe Germaine. Photo: Margaux Cintrano