Buitrago de Lozoya

Head for the hills  •  Tapas party    Hit the high life    Read a book to
impact your post-procession days

By Joann Sadowski


(1) Head for the hills. In Madrid that would be the sierra. Time to forget about those massive crowds that descended on Madrid for the hectic Easter just past. Solitary walks for a couple of days. Our suggestion for a detox: Montejo de la Sierra and Buitrago de Lozoya.
Montejo, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is 92 km/57 m. from the city and is 1150m/3770 ft above sea level. Buitrago is nearer (78 km/48m north of the city; elevation =  975m/3200ft) but just as scenic and serene.

Both are accessible by car and bus. For those who’d rather go by the latter, check out the intercity interchange (intercambiador) of Plaza de Castilla.

(2) Party with your friends. If you can’t yet make yourself cook for them, ask to meet up in one of Madrid’s terrific tapas bars. No more religious processions till next year!











(3) Now that everybody is flocking back to Madrid after the long Holy Week, breeze into Barcelona ! Better still, the hot Costa del Sol. Nothing remotely penitent. Hit the high life before the prices soar for the pre-summer season! Book yourself for a stint in Puerto Banus, the international rich’s preserve.

The fabulous nightlife in Puerto Banus.












(4) Get yourself an “adventurous” read to impact your days. How about hispanist Ian Gibson’s latest book Aventuras Ibéricas ?





Featured image: Buitrago de Lozoya/Nicolas Vigier, PD
Tapas with friends: David Arpi, CC BY-ND2.0
Puerto Banus: Jose Saez, CC BY-SA2.0

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