Former “Madrileños” show up in many far flung places and it would seem, Florida in particular.  And many of them keep us up to date on their happenings.  Cathy Rollins, who lived in Spain during the 60’s and 70’s and has fond memories of Madrid. and now makes her home in Plantation in the Fort Lauderdale area, stays active with her theatrical group “Standing Room Only” and among other productions, put on a successful murder mystery recently aboard the ship “Lady Delray”.  Needless to say, great fun was had by all.

Frank Carmelitano has for many years made his home in Miami where he is well known as a musician, singing and playing guitar throughout the state.  “Frankie”, son of Rose and the late painter Frank Carmelitano, is a former Runnymade alumni who also keeps in touch with family and friends in Madrid and Medinaceli where his family had a summer home.  Frank’s brother and sister, Scott and Cheryl, stayed in Madrid when the senior Carmelitanos returned to the U.S.  This year, Frank’s brother Scott,with wife Sofia and two daughters are transferring to California where Scott, who is a partner with Price water house Cooper, will be working out of Los Angeles and Mexico.

Mim Spaner, 90 years young, tells us she had a great time celebrating that special day at her home in Margate, Florida.  Her family flew in from all directions to be with her and her brother John, and well, the partying just went on and on.  Mim, who has more energy than most 30-year-olds, starts her day at 5:30 a.m., rides her bicycle for 10 miles, then walks for another hour before taking a dip in the pool.

Keep it up friends, we love hearing from you!

CATHY ROLLINS (front right) with her lively group of thespians, ready to board the “Lady Delray" to perform a mystery murder.

Cathy Rollins…

 CATHY’s daughter JACKIE and grandson CONNOR pictured with family friend FRANK CARMELITANO.

Cathy’s daughter.

 MIM, with brother JOHN waiting to greet her family and guests to celebrate her 90th birthday.

John & Mim