The “bicyclelization” of Madrid is an exceedingly slow process that’s full of fits and starts. But it’ll get there and hopefully not for long. There’s BiciCUM, a Bicycle Service of the University City of Madrid. It’s a system of renting out bicycles to anyone related with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, all three in the Ciudad Universitaria in the Moncloa-Aravaca district.

Outsiders who want to may also avail themselves of BiciCUM.

BiciCUM has a fleet of 300 bikes for starters and boasts of 20 aparcabicis in the different colleges around the campus for easy parking. The bikes are hired out at the “central base” in the parking lot next to the Ciudad Universitaria metro station.

The BiciCUM service is available throughout the calendar year except on Christmas and Easter holidays. Bike rental is 60¢ per hour or €108 for the nine months’ duration of the academic year.

Bike owners (not renters) who park in BiciCUM parking spaces are charged 20¢ an hour or €10 a month. The idea behind BiciCUM is to have a quality and sustainable campus.


Featured image/Ricarda Mölck from Pixabay