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Farruquito: “I want to share with the audience the basic essence of my flamenco”

by Muriel Feiner
Photos:  M. Feiner

On July 9th, the purest Flamenco will resound in the halls of the Teatro Real with the presentation of “FARRUQUITO Y AMIGOS”, when three generations of the FARRUCA family will appear on this hallowed stage: Dancer Rosario Montoya “La Farruca”, 58, daughter of the legendary “Farruco”, will perform with her son, “Farruquito” and her 9-year-old grandson, Juan “El Moreno”, LA VIDA EN FLAMENCO.

Farruquito” explained that the fame of this exceptional dynasty of flamenco dancers, did not begin with his legendary grandfather, “Farruco”, but with his great-grandmother, who as a young child participated in a dance contest and won first prize, which was a box of lettuce and other much-needed food staples.

Farruquito described the show he has personally written and choreographed: “I want to share with the audience the basic essence of my flamenco, which is a fusion of improvisation and choreography, two concepts I learned at an early age.

The dancer confessed to barely sleeping or eating for the past two weeks, awaiting the auspicious occasion of his presentation for the very first time in the Teatro Real, which he considers: “A major personal and professional achievement… and a dream come true!

This public performance of the three “Farrucas” is especially significant to 39-year-old Farruca because it is reminiscent of his debut at age 5 beside his grandfather and mother on Broadway in Antonio Carmona’s show “Puro” with the Ketama group. Special guest artists in the Teatro Real will be, in fact, Ketama: Antonio Carmona Amaya, Juan José Carmona Amaya and José Miguel Carmona Niño, along with singer Pepe de Lucía and fellow dancer and close friend Antonio Canales.

He concluded by saying: “You have to bare your soul to transmit the arte you feel within. Flamenco for my family is not just a profession… it is a way of life.”

Flamenco Real is a coproduction of SOLANA Entertainment and the Teatro Real of Madrid and the theatre’s General Manager, Ignacio García-Belenguer, declared: “The Teatro Real needs flamenco and flamenco needs the Teatro Real.” In addition to FARRUQUITO Y AMIGOS, the remaining Flamenco Real program for this season will include bailaora Macarena Ramírez’s show with Eduardo Guerrero as guest artist and will end on July 29, with bailaor Antonio Canales’s special appearance. 

For more information: www.teatroreal.es