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Since this is that time of year we all try to outdo ourselves with new or traditional dishes to wow and awe our family and friends, I´ve decided to send you directly to the best chefs online with some of their favorite recipes. I hope you enjoy watching and making some or all of them.Christmas_balls


Cheese Soufflé – Julia Child – 28 minutes

Julia Child  cooking

Here´s America first true blue TV chef with all the right recipes for just about anything French. If you´ve never seen her, she is a riot – not intentionally – it was just Julia. We all came to love and respect her for her unending great advice and for just being Julia Child, the French Chef. Bon Appetit!


Christmas Turkey with Stuffing – Gordon Ramsay – 9.5 minutes

XMAS 2014 Turkey
Christmas and the Christmas Turkey. Ramsay gives you all the best tips to make it a success. Ramsay is a great but stern teacher to his protégés. His own restaurants have been a major success and he has helped turn around a number of restaurants from the brink of collapse. Excellent teacher,chef with great recipes.


Paula Deen – Mashed Potatoes – 4.5 minutes

XMAS 2014 Mashed potato
If it´s over the top and yummy comfort food – not for dieters – it must be southern cooking and the quintessential southern chef is definitely Paula Deen. Her mashed potatoes are a lot more than just mashed potatoes.


Emeril Lagasse and Elmo – Egg Nog – 3.2 minutes

XMAS 2014 Egg nog
Emeril Lagasse is and has been a reference for great recipes. He not only creates our best American and International recipes but also adds his own personal Louisiana touch. He loves to “kick it up a notch” making his recipes a bit more inviting than the rest. This time he teamed up with Elmo from Sesame Street to create the ever popular holiday favorite – Egg Nog.


Martha Stewart – Latkes – 6 minutes

XMAS 2014 LatkesIf you don´t know who Martha Stewart is, perhaps you have been living on another planet for the past 30 years. Of course if you´re not a crafter or homemaker or cook or baker you can be forgiven. Even so, she is the holy grail to the rest of us homemakers. When in doubt, check Martha out. She´s is almost always right even when there are a thousand different recipes online. Here is her family recipe for latkes, those incredibly delicious potato pancakes that are traditional for Hannukah but great any time of the year.



Jacques Pepin – More Fast Food – 27 minutes

XMAS 2014 Fast foodWe first met this great French chef when he started doing shows with Julia Child. His great teaching skills, knowledge and understanding of what the public want led to his very own show with great recipes and tips. If you thought the French couldn´t make fast food – let´s say “Frenchier”- or with a French touch, watch Jacques as he prepares Fast Food his way.

Rachel Ray with Michael Bublé – Spanish Tapas – 6.34 minutes

XMAS 2014 Tapas


Rachel Ray is a popular cooking and talk show host in the States. Here with Michael Bublé they put together some Spanish Tapas.



Jamie Oliver – Yorkshire Pudding – 5 minutes

XMAS 2014 Pudding
Jaime Oliver is one of the most sought after chefs in England cooking on occasion for Tony Blair or for the Queen´s 80th Birthday Feast. His cooking is all about good food, served simply with only top quality ingredients. He is also an inspiring political figure who isn´t afraid to show his social conscience.


Mario Batali – Linguine with Clams – 6 minutes

XMAS 2014 Clams
Bringing traditional Italian foods and cooking techniques to the masses, Batali’s down to earth, informative teaching style and his warm, playful personality have gained him a broad following among Americans who love Italian food.





Happy Hanukkah!