ENTERTAINING, FEBRUARY 2018: “Cool” Desserts

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These days of mid-winter make us think of warm and cozy things, places and food. But they all don´t have to be hot or warm.  Here are two “cool” desserts which are heavenly but easy to make.  Now is a great time to try out new recipes on your loved ones and best friends – especially with memories of Valentine´s Day quite fresh and Father´s Day coming up in March.  


by Mary Canovas


Quick and Easy Coffee Mousse – No Cooking or Eggs – Elegant
and Scrumptious

This will be your “go to” emergency best elegant dessert ever! No cooking or eggs. You can make it ahead of time and refrigerate or serve it directly (although I would refrigerate at least 1 hour ). It can even be frozen and makes an incredible creamy ice cream.
It is so very versatile – you can add (or not) — different liqueurs for different tastes, from rum to whiskey or why not some Mozart chocolate liqueur? And you can have your instant coffee regular or decaf or even use espresso instant.
Serve it in martini glasses for an extra special touch!

300 ml. heavy cream
• 300 ml. condensed milk
• 3 tablespoons instant coffee – caffeinated or decaf, regular or espresso. (Use less if expresso.)
• 3 tablespoons sugar
• Chocolate syrup, optional chocolate shavings
• 3 tablespoons warm water
• Optional: 2 – 3 tablespoons brandy, whiskey, rum, liqueurs …

• Dissolve coffee in 2 or 3 tablespoons of warm water, mix well and add to condensed milk with the optional alcohol, stirring to mix. This mixture must be cold before adding it to our whipped cream.
• Start beating heavy cream at medium speed and once it just starts to whip, add sugar.
• Continue beating at high speed until stiff peaks form.
• Save a half cup for topping.
• Beat in condensed milk mixture at slow speed just until everything is incorporated.
• Serve in glasses or glasses with a layer or dollop of whipped cream on top.
• Decorate with chocolate syrup or chocolate shavings.
NOTE: You can also freeze this dessert and serve as ice cream.


Lemon Cream Cookie Torte – EASY

Sometimes you just can´t look at another chocolate cake or cookie recipe. Sometimes you really would like a fresh-tasting cake with a little zing. Or, just maybe, you love anything lemony. This is just the cake or torte for you. Kids love it just as much as grown-ups and, unbelievably, it´s easy to make with no cooking or eggs. You will have to plan ahead as it requires a few hours or overnight in the fridge.
Our torte combines your favorite cookies with a light lemony cream which you can make as tangy or sweet as you like. It´s great every day with the family or get-togethers with friends.

• 10 gr. unflavored gelatin
• 120 gr. – 1/2 cup cold milk
• 370 gr – 1 and 1/2 cup condensed milk
• 400 ml – 1 and 3/5 cups heavy cream
• 150 ml – 3/5 cup lemon juice
• 100 ml -2/5 cup milk
• Optional – 2 tablespoons rum
• Optional – 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest
• 1 pack of plain cookies (Maria e.g.) or other – I suggest Chiquilín style with coconut flavor
• OPTIONAL: 2 to 4 tablespoons of sugar

• Line a rectangular loaf pan with plastic wrap – ours is 12 x 30 cm or 6 “x 12”.
• In a saucepan, sprinkle an envelope (10gr.) of gelatin on top of the 1/2 cup of cold milk. Stir a little and let rest aprox. 3 minutes.
• Place saucepan with gelatin and milk on medium heat while stirring until completely dissolved.
• Set aside to reach room temperature – about 4 minutes.
• In a medium bowl, beat heavy cream, condensed milk and lemon zest with a whisk or beater until well blended.
• In a separate glass add 2 or 3 tablespoons of the cream and condensed milk mixture to the gelatin now at room temperature. Stir until well mixed.
• Add this mixture into the bowl with the heavy cream and condensed milk mix using a fine sieve (so that no gelatin lumps appear in the cream) Stir to mix all together.
• Beat with a whisk while adding the lemon juice in a thin stream. You´ll see the mixture thicken.
• Taste to see if you need more sugar. If necessary add more and stir well.
• Spoon a layer of mixture onto the bottom on the loaf pan.
• Lightly dip cookies in milk (with optional rum added). If the cookies are thin, just dunk them quickly but if they are thick hold them under a second or two. The cookies should not be soft or drenched.
• Place a layer of these cookies on top of the bottom cream layer.
• Alternate cream with cookies to the top with the cookies as top layer.
• Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 4 hours or overnight.
• Turn pan upside down on serving plate and carefully remove plastic wrap.
• Decorate with cookie or grated praline, sprinkles or chocolate syrup.