ENTERTAINING: Accent on Thanksgiving


Roast Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes ~ Sour Cream ~ Cauliflower Cheese Casserole ~ Carrot Cake ~ Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting ~ Marshmallows Dandy ~ Edible Colored Glitter ~ DIY Oil Spray

By Mary Canovas

 Finally there´s a chill in the air. Summer didn´t quite want to move on but now Halloween is past us and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Here are some recipes of ours and other chefs to help you plan and make your holiday get-togethers extra special. Watch for our holiday Christmas Special next month

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Roast Turkey

NOV 2014 Turkey


Jamie Oliver´s roast turkey – a great video with an easy and different take on a perfect turkey using herbed butter. Very good recipe and “how to” for Thanksgiving or Christmas.



Thanksgiving mashed potatoes – southern style


WSI0017Paula Deen, America´s over- the-top southern chef shows you how to make rich creamy mashed potatoes for your holiday table. This recipe uses sour cream.
If you can´t find sour cream or crème fraiche just go to my En Casa Contigo webpage where you will find how to make it at home at a fraction of the cost of store bought. You can use this recipe for all your cooking, baking and dip recipes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F-YWLrYV4c

Ingredients for homemade sour cream :
– 1 cup – 240 ml – heavy cream or whipping cream
– 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
– pinch of salt

Cauliflower Cheese Casserole


Nov 2014 Cauliflower Cheese Casserole



Great side dish for the holidays. Even people who don´t like cauliflower will like this one.


Carrot Cake

This is my version of Starbucks´ famous Carrot Cake. I think it´s really special and great for the holidays.

• 2 cups – 250 gr. all-purpose flour
• 2 teaspoons baking powder
• 1 teaspoon baking soda
• 2 teaspoons cinnamon
• 1/2 teaspoon saltNov 2014 Carrot Cake
• 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
• 1/2 teaspoon ginger
• 1 1/2 cups – 3oo gr. Brown or white sugar
• 1 cup – 240 ml vegetable oil type sunflower, canola etc. NO OLIVE OIL
• 4 eggs
• 1 teaspoon vanilla (2 if using white sugar)
• 2 cups – 250g finely grated carrots (measured after grating)
• 1 cup – 100g chopped walnuts
• 1/2 cup – 50g chopped walnuts for decoration
• 1/2 cup – 50 g seedless raisins (golden best)
• Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting your recipe or use ours***:

How To:
• Preheat oven to 350ºF – 180ºC
• Grease two 8” o 20 cm molds with butter or Crisco

FOLLOW OUR VIDEO TUTORIAL how to in our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF6ey7KrHp0
• Note times for baking: Bake in oven 40 to 60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean

***Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting


Nov 2014 Buttercream Frosting


Video tutorial. All ingredients and directions in Spanish are also written below the video when you hit the More button.



Marshmallows Dandy

What do you get when you mix marshmallows and booze – aside from a slight “kick”, a party decoration which is almost irresistable. Covered with colored sugar you can customize them for holidays – green, red and white – Christmas, orange and purple – Halloween, red white and blue – flag day… Stick them anywhere – centerpieces, vases, watermelons … This recipe is so easy, so fast and so versatile for any party or festivity. Only for grown ups as it has any and all kinds of alcoholic ingredients.

Nov 2014 Marsmallows Dandy
Ingredients :
• Vodka, Cointreau, rum, liqueur …
• A Glass , Marshmallows, Colored Sugar or edible glitter
• Bamboo, kebob or BBQ sticks

How to:
• Pour enough vodka… into a glass to cover a whole marshmallow
• Skewer your marshmallow on a stick – make sure it won´t fall off
• Dip the entire marshmallow into your preferred spirit in the glass.
• Make sure to tap excess alcohol off.
• Sprinkle colored sugar all over and let dry

If you dont want to buy edible colored sugar or edible glitter make your own at home at practically no cost with our videos. These are great for holiday baking too.

Color & Glitter

Nov 2014 Edible Glitter


• Colored sugar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWWa0Y…

• Edible colored glitter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTxJyv…


DIY Oil Spray

The other day I saw a TV show on internet talking about the multiple uses of Pam baking spray or other cooking sprays. Here´s a short list of what they said they can also be used for – aside from baking and frying of course.

1. To dry nail polish fast –they sprayed it directly on to freshly painted nails and in seconds the nail polish was dry. All you had to do was remove the excess oil with a kitchen towel.
2. To clean soap scum on shower curtains- just apply it directly to the curtain ….
3. To remove the dead mosquitoes from car windows
4. And a bunch more of things that have absolutely nothing to do with food.Nov 2014 DIY Oil Spray

The reason they can do all of the above is that all oil o baking sprays need a propellant to work. These propellants are gases and may be propane or isobutane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide. Baking sprays may also contain other non-desirable products such as dimethyl silicone among others.

Do you really want these chemicals in your family´s body? Especially when you can make your own oil spray easily at home and at no cost. And you can use your favorite type of oil-olive, sunflower etc. including flavored oils.

• All you need is a clean plastic spray bottle *
• your favorite oil

*Any plastic spray bottle you can buy at drugstores or bottles that are specifically designed for use with cooking oils on the web – on Amazon or Ebay and specialty stores for baking and cooking. Both types work equally well.

How To:
• Fill the bottle from 1/2 to 3/4 full with your favorite oil. Use it as you would any commercial spray. It will not give you such a fine mist as the canned product, but the trade off is an easy and inexpensive alternative that poses no health risk to you, your loved ones or the environment.