ELDA TRAVELS Series: Palacio de Brias, from Bishop’s Palace to Casa Rural

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We’re running a series on ELDA TRAVELS by the wanderlust husband and wife team who makes you think no place in Spain or Portugal is worth visiting if Elda (Elizabeth and David White) didn’t go there.

Here’s the first of the series.





Photos by Elda unless otherwise stated


The 10th century Gormaz castle overlooking the Duero River

One of the great attractions of Brias, and the province of Soria in general, is the abundance of castles and impressive places to visit. The 10th century Moorish Castillo de Gormaz, for example, that overlooks the Duero River.

Elda has been here so often and has taken so many pictures of the ruins of this castle which can be seen from miles away.

Elda in front of a 12th century chapel in Brias

Elda in front of a 12th century chapel in Brias

A bed and breakfast “casas rurales” Elda visited in Brias, population 10 souls, is the Palacio de Brias owned by Laurie from Arizona and Jesus, a native Soriano, who converted the Bishop’s Palace into a five-room inn.

Although only two hours’ drive from Madrid it is so remote that in addition to a delightful breakfast Laurie serves a fabulous dinner so that visitors do not have to brave the cold evenings and can relax over good food and wine before staggering up to bed.

These folks are so much fun that dinner in the palacio is always an entertaining event. Laurie’s cooking is superb and Jesus knows so much about this region that guests are filled with colourful anecdotes and tales about Soria that guidebooks do not include.

At the Brias palace there's a room on the first floor for handicapped guests

At the Palacio de Brias there’s a room on the first floor for handicapped guests

Anything not covered at dinner is amply divulged at the leisurely breakfast. Elda has returned here often and once had a birthday party where the inn was completely filled with Elda’s guests.






Featured image: Palacio de Brias photo by Domènec Leal