EDITOR’S BLOG: Talk About the Interns

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By Rose Maramba
Photos Clarissa Martinez



At GUIDEPOST we get interns in two sets: those who come during the regular academic calendar and those in summer. All are young intelligent girls and a few boys who honestly and eagerly want to learn something about publication during their time with us. Some just want to write about what is interesting to them. This is usually true to the interns during the busy academic year when heavy academic load can only allow them a limited incursion into publishing.

In contrast, the “summer folk,” on holiday from their schools, tend to want more from their internship than that. In the end they get to participate in almost all aspects of publication.

Soon summer will be over, though, and these folk will be returning to their respective countries: America, the UK, China, Turkey, Australia. Actually the “early birds” who started with us in May and June are gone.

All times are good times for us with these interns who come brimming with their refreshing outlook. With the experience that we’ve acquired through the years – don’t forget that GUIDEPOST is Spain’s oldest existing magazine – we try to give them the training they expected from us without forgetting that they need to look back on their internship not only as a time of hard work but also as a summer of simple fun and exciting adventures.

On that thought we clue them in on the fun places in and out of Madrid. And in recognition of jobs well done (theirs) GUIDEPOST threw a lunch party last 25 July: Spanish tapas, paella, Philippine pancit, chicken, bottles of Gran Reserva wine, and jugs of Sangria.



 Lunch Party 25 July 2014




LUNCH PARTY - interns and meunnamed




































Featured image/Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, edited