CORRAL DE LA MORERÍA, the Cathedral of Flamenco Where the Palate is Pleasured to the Hilt!

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by Rose Maramba
Photos: Corral de la Moreria via Manuel Diaz unless stated otherwise


In its recent article, “36 Hours in Madrid, Things to Do and See,” the New York Times places El Corral de la Morería at the top of the list of the most important cultural attractions that await the visitor over the weekend in the Spanish capital, alongside the world’s icons of culture, the Prado and Reina Sofia Museums, and the Royal Palace. Founded in 1956, the Morería is known as the cathedral of flamenco in Spain.

The Corral troupe led by Blanca del Rey, center, celebrates the tablao’s Repsol soles

All too aware of the remarkable feat of successfully pairing off art with fine gastronomy, NYT shines the spotlight on the Morería for receiving one of the highest gastronomic accolades that the Iberian peninsula has to give. Meaning the three soles (suns) of the Repsol Guide (Guia Repsol), Spain’s answer to the Michelin Guide. That’s in addition to the Michelin star that Moreria bagged in 2018.

The Corral de Moraría, according to America’s most prestigious newspaper, itself a perennial Pulitzer awardee (137 times), is a remarkable fusion of art and cuisine at the highest level. For which it has received innumerable awards: Best Tablao Flamenco in the World, the National Award for Gastronomy (Premio Nacional de Gastronomía), Best Restaurant of the Year, City of Madrid Award, etc.

Corral de la Moreria is the only tablao de flamenco in the world with a Michelin Star to its name.

El Corral de Morería is in fact the only tablao in the world that has a Michelin star to its proud name And don’t forget the aforementioned three Repsol soles.

Considered the world’s best flamenco tablao, the Morería is, moreover, a choreographic and musical production center, boosting its own productions that unfailingly impact those who are lucky to watch, one of the latest of which stars flamenco artist Eduardo Guerrero. Another one top-bills National Flamenco awardee Florencia Oz and her twin sister Isidora.

At the Morería one is invariably treated to shows of great flamenco stars the likes of Jesus Carmona, Olga Pericet, Patricia Guerrero and Manuel Liñan. Expectedly, history’s flamenco giants have graced this terrific tablao. It was at the Morería that Paco de Lucía presented “Entre Dos Aguas”´s inaugural show. Cameron de la Isla went on stage there at age 13.

The Moreria triumvirate from left to right: Juan Manuel del Rey, Blanca del Rey’s son, co-owner of the tablao, the driving force behind the tablao’s fusing flamenco with haute cuisine; Blanca del Rey, co-owner and artistic director of the tablao; Armando del Rey, Moreria’s Director General

Pastora Imperio, Antonio Gades, El Cígala, Mario Moya, Blanca del Rey and other giants of flamenco, past and present, make up the amazing list of flamenco artists who perform habitually in this temple of flamenco.

Jennifer Aniston guesting on popular Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero”. At any given time, you could be sitting at a table next to hers or other celebrities’ in El Corral de Moreria. (Photo/El Hormiguero, CC BY-ND2.0 via Flickr)

Blanca del Rey, Morería’s coproprietor and art director, is a celebrated flamenco dancer and choreographer in her own right, a recipient of the National Award for Flamenco (Premio Nacional de Flamenco), and the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Art at the hand of the King and Queen of Spain.

At any given time, the spectator-diner is bound to share the tablao with national and international music and movie celebrities as well as renowned political and literary personalities.  It is not unusual to sit at a table next to Becky G, Tim Burton, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger) U2. . .

But then, how can it be otherwise when Morería is listed in 1000 Places to See Before You Die, the world’s bestselling travel book and a  Number 1 New York Times bestseller? Fame begets fame.


Corral de la Moreria
C/ Moreria, 17
28005 Madrid