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Chef Joel Robuchon, the culinary artist with the most Michelin stars in the world,
presents the future international specialty: the healthy International Tapa. On Spain, the deity with 25 Michelin stars says:  “The future of Spanish cuisine in the world is in tapas bars. Chefs come and go, but tapas will remain.” 


By Margaux Cintrano
Photo Courtesy Culinary Artist Chef Joel Robuchon  &  Madrid Fusion Press

The mythic legendary French Chef, Joel Robuchon, who has earned more Michelin Stars than any other culinary artist, was discussing the theme of Future Cuisine, The International Tapa,  at Madrid Fusion 2015 held last Monday the 2nd,  Tuesday the 3rd, and  Wednesday the 4th of February at the  Palacio de Congresos in Campo de Las Naciones, northeastern Madrid. Madrid Fusion 2015 focused on Travelling Chefs and the Post Era of Adrià.  Visitors from France, Finland, China, Japan, The Philippines,  and South America, 75 culinary demonstrations, and 18 Workshops filled the  Palacio de Congresos for 3  full days. For example,  Finland focused on light, organic and highly creative vegetarian cuisine.   There was quite a bit of controversy on the topics of fermenting vegetables, the Modern Chinese Cuisines  and sustainable farming.

A culinary masterpiece of Chef Joel's

A culinary masterpiece of Chef Joel’s

Culinary Artist Chef Joel Robuchon from France discussed the Future Cuisine, the International Tapa, and the petite desserts . He spoke about his work, Chefs Adrià, Arzak, Berasategui and the late Chef Santi Santamaria, and on the future of the ” small dishes ” .

Chef Joel is well versed in the Iberian Peninsula and its numerous regional specialties.  In fact he has a summer home in Calpe, Alicante.

He outspokenly expressed his  views against  toxic  food additives,  Monsanto GMOs, genetically modified crops and  synthetics and unhealthy  food preparation.




MINI INTERVIEW with Chef Joel at the Madrid Fusion 2015

Margaux :   Where were you born and raised ?

Chef Joel:   I was born on April 7th, 1945 in Poitiers, France,  342 Kilometers  southwest of Paris.

Margaux :   How many restaurants are you involved with now and where are they located ?

Chef Joel :    I have  9: one in Paris,  one in Tokyo;, two in Bangkok, Thailand,  one in Las Vegas;, one in Monaco,  one in Macau,  one in London, one in Taipei, Taiwan, and one in Hong Kong.   They are all named L´ Atelier  except for the newest,  the 9th, which is Maha Hakhon in Bangkok.

Margaux:    I have a couple of books that you have authored.  To date, how many books have you published?

L'Atelier, Etoile, Paris

L’Atelier, Etoile, Paris

Chef Joel :   To date,  I have published  and  authored 6 books.  The last 3 are in English too: The Complete Robuchon, French Cheese and Cooking Through the Seasons.

Margaux :       Tell us about the name of your Restaurants L´ Atelier and its significance.


Another masterpiece

Chef  Joel:   L´ Atelier is the name of 8 of my restaurants, and signifies The Work Shop of Artists.  I must add that  many of the seating arrangements at my restaurants are set up to over look the kitchens so that the guests can watch the gastronomic show.

Margaux :    What do you consider your signature dish ?

Chef Joel :  Classic French.   Pommes Puree Truffee which are  truffled potatoes  and free range quail.