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A how-to section on entertaining folks we’d love to have around.

ENTERTAINING in the Cold but Romantic Valentine Month

ENTERTAINING in the Cold but Romantic Valentine Month »

2 Feb, 2015
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Fancy Sugar Cubes, Pizza Hot Pocket Turnover, Sweet and Sour Sauce – Chinese Restaurant Style, Mobile Phone Wall Charger



14 Dec, 2014
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Straight from the chefs: Cheese soufflé, Christmas turkey, mashed potatoes, egg nog, latkes, fast food, Spanish tapas, Yorkshire pudding, linguine

ENTERTAINING: Thanksgiving Special

ENTERTAINING: Thanksgiving Special »

26 Nov, 2014
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Macy´s Thanksgiving Day Parade; BeautifulInstrumentals.com for the world’s best background music; burning fireplace to make you feel warm and cozy

ENTERTAINING: Accent on Thanksgiving

ENTERTAINING: Accent on Thanksgiving »

7 Nov, 2014
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Roast Turkey – Mashed Potatoes Southern Style – Sour Cream – Cauliflower Cheese Casserole – Carrot Cake – Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting – Marshmallows Dandy – Edible Colored Glitter – DIY Oil Spray

ENTERTAINING: Those Lazy Summer Days

ENTERTAINING: Those Lazy Summer Days »

10 Aug, 2014
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GREAT TREATS FOR SUMMER: Mary’s How-to’s on Owl Cupcake Cake, Coffee Ice Cream, Magic Shell Copycat, Lemon Curd, Reed Diffuser



30 May, 2014
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Rainbow pasta • Tissue Paper Roses • Puff Pastry • Celery Salt Copycat Recipe

ENTERTAINING in April: Guaranteed to Put a SPRING in Your Step!

ENTERTAINING in April: Guaranteed to Put a SPRING in Your Step! »

12 Apr, 2014
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Great how-to’s for spring: recipes, decorations, fashion and jewelry !

ENTERTAINING: Hearts Day Special

ENTERTAINING: Hearts Day Special »

3 Feb, 2014
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Mary shows just how to make Valentine’s Day absolutely memorable

ENTERTAINING: Holidays 2013-2014

ENTERTAINING: Holidays 2013-2014 »

23 Dec, 2013
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How to’s: Ferrero Rocher Copycat Recipe, Cream Strawberry Santas, Mini Christmas Trees, Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Glitter Nails, Paper Star, Lemon Candles


ENTERTAINING: Fall Special »

16 Nov, 2013
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Fall Centerpiece, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, Apple Swan, TeePee Favors, Thanksgiving Candies, Dinner Rolls, Apple and Prune Stuffing, Lotus Napkin