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Face masks and vertical social distancing!


by Catherine Petit
Photos: C. Petit


I have always been amazed at the ingenuity of young people finding a way to make some money, and sometimes the length they go to, to turn their thoughts into realities. The bikes, the skateboards, the elaborate look of one just about to fly into the air, or fall to the ground. These young people, and older ones as well, are to be admired.


Keep out of our way. We’ve got to deliver the cake before it melts in the hot Spanish sun!

Champagne anyone?

Just taking a siesta under the leafy trees.

Skateboarding in the streets of Madrid. Easy does it.

Defy gravity behind a snowy bike. Try it if you can!

Covered in volcanic mud. The twins (see the white eyes of the one on the left) are caught in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii, in 75 AD.

Trying to hop in on my elusive muddy bike!