BLOG: From a Newcomer’s Walk-Up in Plaza Mayor to a Marvelous Atico Elsewhere

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I have happily moved from the fourth floor walk-up to a lovely atico on Hermosilla.
I no longer hear the crowds of joyous youth on the plaza below…
at six in the morning. Once again, Madrid scores with Liz!     

By Liz Keating
American Club of Madrid



ACM Plaza Mayor, Tamorlan Arco_de_cuchilleros

The Arco de Cuchilleros in Plaza Mayor

When I moved to Madrid several years ago, I knew no one. I did not speak Spanish. I had accepted a job as head librarian at the American School of Madrid, having closed my business in Denver and “retired” from a job in education.  After settling into my fourth-floor walk up in Plaza Mayor, I “Googled” American, new to Madrid, non-profits, volunteering, ex-pats…the list goes on.

The American Club of Madrid caught my eye. Coincidentally, one of my favorite ASM parents and American Club Board member, Elaine Samson, invited me to an event. It was at that event that I fell in love with everything that is our club: dynamic people, both young and old, established business folks and young entrepreneurs, busy students, local Spanish and ex-pat business folks exchanging ideas. WOW!

That said, we welcome the following NEW members to the American Club of Madrid: The Christian Thomsen Family, Marjorie Kanter (Kasfir), Manuel Carazo, Francisco Soler Copado, Patricia Morgan, the Maria Loreto Fernández Family and Christa Seewald de Vicente.

Our Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of every month. We are volunteers. The American Club of Madrid is a working board with each member taking a leadership role in our organization. Our goal: to create events and opportunities for our members to get to know one another, to grow their business, to meet a variety of professionals in and outside of their field, to enjoy the amazing venues here in Madrid, to add value to the time each of our members spends with us.ACM logo

We all feel pretty good about our event calendar. Most of our Happy Hour networking events sell out. Our first President’s Breakfast with HP President Helena Herrero was a huge success. We are in the final planning stages of a members-only tour series of the Casa Historias throughout Spain. Our holiday parties celebrate all things American and are enjoyed as much by our Spanish members and friends as by our American members. Our fall schedule is filling up. Eventbrite is the best place to see our upcoming events.

ACM Ronald McDonald Charities-Feed_the_clown

Ronald McDonald House Charities donations

Of course, our biggest event of the year is our annual gala! Register now to join us at the Ritz Hotel on Saturday, November 8th. Proceeds from our auction benefit the Ronald McDonald Foundation which has just built a “Ronald McDonald House” here in Madrid to house families of children patients at the Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesus.

Our annual Thanksgiving feast will be posted on eventbrite in the next day or two. Join us for a Board of Directors’ meeting or two. Join in as we brainstorm Business Series topics, venues, speakers, fundraising opportunities, adding new events.

Have an idea for an event? We would love to hear it! Is there someplace you think we should advertize our events? Let us know that too.

Happiness is the American Club of Madrid!


Liz Keating

P.S. I have happily moved from that fourth-floor walk-up to a lovely atico on Hermosilla. I no longer hear the crowds of joyous youth on the plaza below…at 6:00h! Once again, Madrid scores with Liz!


Featured image (the historic Plaza Mayor’s famous  Arco de Cuchilleros) by Tamorlan  (,  CC BY-SA 3.0
Donald McDonald House Charities uploaded by Brian Katt, . CC-BY-SA 2.0