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The highest-grossing animated film of all time! (Poster, Fair use)



by Guidepost

Genre: Computer-animated musical (Adventure and Drama)

Plot: Disney’s animated film unfolds with the birth of Simba, the new cub who becomes the heir to the throne of his beloved father, King Mufasa. Scar, Mufasa’s wicked brother and until then the heir, plots to usurp the throne. The adventures of young Simba ensues as he battles for Pride Rock in the African savannah. Tragedy and drama come into play. Scar lures Mufasa and Simba into a stampede of wildebeests. Simba escapes but his father is killed. Simba is exiled. He returns as a grown man (lion) to take back what is rightfully his, Pride Rock and Lands, with with the help of newfound friends Timon and Pumbaa, fulfilling his royal destiny at last.

Release date Spain: July 19, 2019

Box office worldwide to date: $1.340 billion

Matthew Broderick
James Earl Jones
Jeremy Irons
Moira Kelly
Nathan Lane
Ernie Sabella
Robert Guillaume
Rowan Atkinson
Madge Sinclair
Whoopi Goldberg
Cheech Marin
Jim Cummings

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