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by Jack Wright

Black Friday is no longer a “day”. It has been extended to at least a few days. Many Spanish retailers are announcing that they’ll be on “Black” till the 28th which is the Sunday that closes the week of Black Friday. Others even beyond.

There’s some palpable optimism in commercial areas around the country. There’s a sense of release after the terrible loss of social freedom at the height of the pandemic which is now translated into an urge to throw (financial) caution to the wind and just splurge. Some on the usual pretext of finding pre-Christmas bargains. Others just snap up appetizing items for the joy of it.

No doubt many have suffered – and some continue to suffer – from the interrupted commercial activities. But just as many want to leave the COVID-19 restrictions and constraints behind. (Two or three vaccinations should take care of the problem. With 90% of the injectable population getting the shots, Spain is doing well in this department.)

Many are flocking eagerly to the stores.

The longer Black Friday lasts, the better for the establishments that have suffered from the brutal lockdowns which on the other hand were necessary to contain the pandemic. Whether or not the shoppers’ billfolds could stand the extension is another matter altogether.


Featured image/Ron Whitaker, Unsplash. Text supplied.