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by Chris Collins


BLACK FRIDAY is on, no kidding. It’s the run-up week to the day and some brands aren’t waiting till it really is here at last. For these early birds, it’s actually BLACK FRIDAY WEEK, starting on the 19th of November this 2018. Others aren’t content with a paltry week. Black Friday is the THE WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER affair!

Anyway, strictly speaking, BLACK FRIDAY this year is on the 23rd of November. As you most probably know, it’s the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving. (The Spaniards aren’t very on to the Acción de Gracias – it simply isn’t a Spanish tradition. So calendarwise, Thanksgiving doesn’t count as a point of reference. But that hasn’t stopped the Spanish people from turning into Black Friday entusiastas and celebrate it on The Day After, as the Americans do.)

You want an electric scooter? Keep your eyes peeled for bargains on Black Friday!

Why give it a miss? Black Friday could really get exciting. Like when there are fabulous flash sales that you could easily miss if you weren’t focused enough on the day itself. There goes the 50% discount on the stuff you’ve been wanting to buy all these months ago!

To find out what’s on in the major stores in Spain, see for example (Electronic gadgets and books) (from techs to toys and many trendy gear in between) (fashion) (among the best Spanish footwear) (motorized scooter)

More fun, though, to just walk into your favorite stores!


Also, in case you aren’t watching carefully, there’s CYBER MONDAY looming already (26 November, the Monday after Thanksgiving, promoted by online retailers as a day for exceptional bargains).

Some of the biggest Cyber participants are (
Media Markt (  )
Fnac (
Ausom ( )


Per Spanish Law 7/1996 on Retail Commerce (Ley 7/1996, de 15 de enero, de ordenación del comercio minorista), specially Article 20 of that Law: All discounts in stores must clearly show the previous price together with the reduced price. The previous price must be the lowest price at which the item has been sold during the last 30 days.

HAPPY HUNTING! It isn’t just the bargains. It’s the vista of Holiday Shopping opening up before your very eyes!


Featured image/LARS77722, CC BY2.0. Text supplied
E-TWOW electric scooter/Alina Anghel, CC BY-SA4.0