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Barcelona seen from Parc Güell

Boy, aren’t we glad to be able to offer a double feature on Barcelona! It’s elucidating. It shows how true the old saying is: cada uno cuenta la feria según le va en ella. Literally, it means that each person would describe the fair according to how he experienced it. In other words, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

In early spring Veteran GUIDEPOST writer Deke Mills and newcomer Megan Menzel went to Barcelona separately and came back to Madrid writing about the lovely city that’s big on culture (that’s my personal view, I mean about the city being “lovely” and “big on culture”). And while the underlying candor of youth can be gleaned from how Megan wrote her piece, and experience shines through Deke’s way of describing the scenery, the two show, in their own way, a common appreciation of what makes Barcelona tick.

In fact if one didn’t know that neither writer knew the other was writing about Barcelona, one would be tempted to suspect that they peeked into each other’s notes. Deke categorically states that “the vibrant city caters to everyone’s needs” and Megan would say that “Barcelona is a warm, welcoming place that fits the needs of all the different kinds of tourists.”

Experience the Catalan capital through Deke and Megan’s eye. Go to the “Travel” category. You’ll be glad you did.


Featured image/Marrovi, CC BY-SA2.5 via Wikimedia Commons