By Ana Suarez


It was spring then. And the American School of Madrid staged its smash hit version of the musical Lucky Stiff based on Michael Butterworth’s novel The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo. Ms. Linda Phillips, lower school art teacher, reports that the week after the musical, her third graders were singing “Welcome back, Mr. Witherspoon!” and “Mary Alice, it’s your birthday” while they cut and pasted and painted.  Surely, there can be no higher praise than this !

We began rehearsing for this year’s production of Lucky Stiff as soon as we returned from winter break.  The students’ hard work and formidable talents were rewarded as they took to the stage in late April.  They brought out both the comedy and the tenderness that dominate the play, and the audience laughed and sighed in turn.

Thank you to the students and the parents who made such a magical event possible.




IB Art Show

On Sunday, April 21, 2013, the ASM Community enjoyed an evening of art and hors d’oeurvres as International Baccalaureate Art students displayed their cumulative projects and answered questions about their works.asm art exhibit 2

The opening of this annual art show was one of the cultural highlights of the school year, showcasing the fruit of two years of study and work. Every year since the mid-90’s, the IB Art Show has displayed the very best of the visual artistic talent in the student body. No wonder students and their families look forward to this important event.

The ever growing number of ASM students applying to and accepted at the world’s best art schools is a testimony to the level of work exhibited at the show. Alumni, who as students were in the IB Art class, often return to see the work of the new artists, some even becoming “regulars” of the show.