ANOTHER WAY FILM FESTIVAL: 4 – 7 October 2018: What is it?


Another Way Film Festival features the island republic of Kiribati’struggle
against the rise of the sea level


● 19 documentaries
● Ten films form part of the “Sección Oficial” the winner of which will be given the Jury Award
● Matinee for kids (Deep)
● Inaugural documentary film:  Jane, a biopic of the charismatic primatologist Jane Goodall and her tireless defense of chimpanzees produced by National Geographic. This will be the first time Jane will be projected on the big screen in Spain.
● Another Way Film Festival is a festival about the sustainable progress in Madrid.

Says Marta García Larriu, Director of the Film Festival: The programming of Another Way is “avante-garde, entertaining and audacious that will encourage us to pose questions that may make some feel uneasy but the questions are necessary. Through the Festival we’ll get to know the incredible stories of the heroes of our time.”

During the Festival experts, filmmakers and representatives of institutions on Environment will be around to talk about sustainability. The Jane Goodall Institute in Spain, the Spanish Confederation of Consumers and the Users (CECU), and Caminando Fronteras (Walking Frontiers) among others will be there. The public, participating in an interactive way, will thus develop critical thought about the preservation of the Environment.


The ten films of the Official Section of the Festival

Silas: Community activism against corruption and the destruction of the environment in Africa.
The End of Meat is about a world free of meat.
When Lambs Become Lions exposes the ivory trade and the struggle for survival in Kenya.
explores the diseases caused by pollutant chemicals in the actual economic system.
May I Be Happy: It’s about mindfulness.
Blue talks about the destruction of marine life and the heroes who protect our oceans.
Living the Change: Inspiring Stories ponders ways of acting individually in the face of global crises.
System Error tackles a viable unlimited economic growth and proposes new ways of looking at capitalism.
The Green Lie casts doubts on some of the current eco-friendly movements.
Anote’s Ark shows the tireless struggle of President of Kiribati in Micronesia to save the island republic against the threat of the rise in the sea level.

Additionally there’s going to be seven documentaries in the “Sección Impacto”When Two Worlds CollideGuardians of theEarth, Advertencia: ¿Cuánto ensuciamos cuando limpiamos? , Generation Zapped The Milk System, Complicit , and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.

• #DocImpacto: El documental producido por la prensa digital”
• Cosechas SANNASfor sustainable companies.
• For the kids: “La magia visual” and “¡Del campo al cole, al cine y a casa!”.
• Masterclass:“Tu yoga, tu conciencia, tu legado”
Another Attic concert” by Young Forest, el taller vivencial
• Conviértete en voluntario de restauración forestal” outdoor trek

Sponsors and collaborators
Signus, Ecolec, El Gatoverde, Dehesa El Milagro, Foro Cultural de Austria, Bodegas Pinoso, Ecoalf y el apoyo del Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Cuenta con la colaboración de SEOBirdlife, WWF, Del campo al cole, Las Espigadoras, Sannas, Secret Yoga Club, Centro de transformación del conflicto humano, MamaTerra, The Attic, Cineteca, Matadero Madrid, Filmin, Docma, DocumentaMadrid, La Piscifactoría, Catering Anmama, Anoche tuve un sueño, Ciudad Sostenible, Corresponsables, EFE Verde, Ethic, El Palomitrón and Yorokobu.


Complete programming here


Cineteca, Matadero
Plaza de Legazpi, 8, 28045 Madrid


Featured image/Angela K. Kepler, PD through Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum
Jane poster, Fair Use
Another Way vector/supplied
Matadero/AlesKubr2, PD via Wikipedia