A good musician is an honest one, one who’s not terrified of being vulnerable
and completely exposed. Music is all about self-expression and
self-expression is about being your true self


by Maja Jakic

Charismatic, energetic and upfront – these are just some of the attributes of this talented singer whose debut EP “Home” is taking the Spanish charts by storm. “Home” songs are already among the most viral on music platforms.

Proclaimed as the new Fiona Apple, this Swiss singer born in Barcelona hit Spotify’s top 50 with her first single “Home”, rising vigorously into the world of music. Alex Ankli introduced herself to Madrid audience last May at sala Moby Dick, the venue well-known among the musical connoisseurs. It was an  explosive and emotional performance, one that’s assuredly worthy of praise.

Ankli’s soulful, haunting voice comes as a breath of fresh air into the Spanish music scene that is mostly known for its inclination towards pop and reggaeton.

Together with her band, Ankli captivated the audience singing the songs from the EP; at the same time, she didn’t miss the opportunity to give exclusive performance of those yet to be released.

The club was packed with her adoring fans.


Who is Ankli?

Twenty-two year old Alex Ankli finished her studies in California, U.S.A. while also spending some time in Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. Although of Swiss nationality, she considers herself Spanish as she spent most of her life here, finally deciding on Madrid as her permanent residence.

Ankli’s music career has been launched at her debut concert in the Spanish capital. However, her love for music goes way back to the earliest years when she started writing songs and performing at the school shows. By then she knew music would be an indispensable part of her life.

Apart from her love for music, this psychology graduate loves photography and videography, seeing these as a means of self- expression. Something that started as a hobby to fill up her leisure time while traveling has turned into a profession. It is a rare moment indeed catching her without a camera in her hands.


“Home”, reflected bipolarity

Ankli’s EP is a product of a 6-month studio recording and consists of five songs in Spanish and English. It stemmed from a collaboration between a big group of people who love to experiment with different styles and sounds. “Having it done, it feels like an enormous accomplishment for me and for my band. It showed us where we wanna go next and left us more motivated and excited for what is about to come. We have seen the light,” says Ankli.

She points out that each song is a story in itself; there’s no specific theme that can be singled out. It is an eclectic mixture of components, discussing different ideas and matters.

The EP represents her “bipolarity”, the dark side of her experiences and the much lighter one.

In her own words, it’s a “personal diary” that embodies her process of personal and musical maturation and growth. It launches listeners onto a journey through Ankli’s self-discovery and gives them a lot to re-think about themselves: “This EP was me pouring my soul  into it, leaving myself exposed in front of the audience.”

This deliberative and “dark” notion derives from Ankli going through some tough times, her struggle with a self-identity crisis and various challenges. It was at this time that music came to the rescue. “Art is the most effective asset we can use if we want to heal,” she says. “I want my audience to recognize the value of music when trying to overcome  personal battles.”

One of such moments was covered in her song “No tengo tiempo” which, according to her, was written in only 15 minutes in a burst of emotions and to this day remains as one of the most powerful and cathartic. Needless to say, it was this song that drew the most attention during the concerts and was followed by standing ovations.

Asked to reflect on today’s industry, Alex thinks that it lacks transparency. She sees today’s’ musicians as entertainers rather than artists who are afraid to be sincere about who they are and to share their intimacy, instant success and popularity being their main objectives: “A good musician is an honest one, one who’s not terrified of being vulnerable and completely exposed. Music is all about self-expression and self-expression is about being your true self.”

She hopes her fans will develop empathy while listening to her music and for the songs to resonate with the audience, giving them an insight into who Alex Ankli really is.

The idea is to provoke, encourage people to question the status quo and compel them to start a dialogue. It’s necessary to open up and let the emotions be real and sincere and go through the process of  “musical healing”.


Behind every great woman there is…

Undoubtedly talented, Alex likes to point out how, apart from all that hard work, creativeness, talent  and persistence, the key to her success was the support coming from her family and friends: “I wouldn’t have done it without my boyfriend who encourages me all the way and my mother who always backs me up. She often sings my songs to me when we are in the kitchen having some fun mother-daughter time. That helps me to get over my insecurities and embrace reality as it is, with a lot of amazing things to look forward to.”

This is surely just the start for this spirited and bold singer and we’ll keep on being awed by her!

Check out “Home”:


Images from Ankli’s social media