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Nasrin Sotoudeh with co-activist husband Reza Khandan in 2012/Hosseinronaghi, CC B Y-SA4.0

From Alex Neve
Amnesty International Canada


We teach our children to stand up for others. To defend other kids from bullies. And to speak out when they see someone being threatened or treated unfairly.

That’s exactly what Nasrin Sotoudeh has been doing for years – standing up for the rights of those whose rights have been threatened, violated and treated unfairly in Iran.

Just recently, Nasrin has been re-arrested, and even as I write this, she is in prison, facing ridiculous, unfounded charges. Worse still, her husband, Reza Khandan, was also recently arrested. This has left their two children, Nima and Mehraveh, without their parents.

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But dedicated Amnesty International supporters refused to forget about her. [They] spoke out on Nasrin’s behalf just as tirelessly as she did for others. And in 2013, we won. Nasrin was pardoned, released and reunited with her family – eight years early!As an award-winning, widely respected lawyer and human rights defender, Nasrin’s fearless and peaceful advocacy has landed her in trouble with Iranian authorities before. In 2010 she was arrested, unfairly tried and given an 11 year prison sentence.

That shows just what you and Amnesty can do when we work together.

And that’s why I’m asking you to make a donation today to show Nasrin and the Iranian authorities that we stand as firm in her defence now as we did before. We will not give up until she is released.

Can I count on you to make a donation to help free prisoners like Nasrin?
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And please know that any amount you can give today will truly make a big difference.

With my sincere thanks,

Alex Neve
Secretary General
Amnesty International Canada


P.S.   Please make your donation to shine a beacon of hope for prisoners like Nasrin who so desperately need it. Click here to make the most generous gift you can. Thank you.

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