Free bus ride for three days anywhere in Madrid!


The streets of the city of Madrid are still congested – with snow and fallen trees – more than a week after the Filomena snowstorm is over. And if on top of the snow and the trees the Madrileños return to their daily routine which was interrupted by the storm, going to and fro in their cars, the situation can only get worse.

Fallen trees during the Filomena snowstorm

So take the bus, Mayor of Madrid Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida urges his people. The bus ride is free throughout the capital Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Actually, it’s not just a matter of facilitating the job of clearing the streets of the debris. There’s also the fact that these days the pollution in Madrid is “High” in the Common Air Quality Index, the index used in Europe. Bad air!

The fewer cars in circulation, the better the chances of improving Madrid air. Come on, take the bus!


Common Air Quality Index

Qualitative name Index or sub-index Pollutant (hourly) concentration in μg/m3
  NO2 PM10 O3 PM2.5(optional)
Very low 0–25 0–50 0–25 0–60 0–15
Low 25–50 50–100 25–50 60–120 15–30
Medium 50–75 100–200 50–90 120–180 30–55
High 75–100 200–400 90–180 180–240 55–110
Very high >100 >400 >180 >240 >110


Featured image: Bus stop and bus/rupeshtelang from Pixabay; EMT logo, PD
Fallen tree/Ayuntamiento de Madrid Twitter, Fair use