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Las Setas de Sevilla (Mushrooms of Seville): Six parasols in the form of giant mushrooms, Seville 


Ed’s Note
This Part IV of the excerpts from
Adventures in  Spain by Catherine Petit
brings the five-part series to an end.
We hope you enjoyed the read!



Photos/C. Petit

Wonderful Food

It was to be the last meal we were to share together this trip. We went to a fancy restaurant, not a tapas bar – where everyone eats. One of my friends ordered fish cheeks and I thought he was joking. I giggled quite a bit until I was informed it is a delicacy and he would be very happy to share some with me. It was indeed very special. Very moist, tender, and sweet . . . I would order a dinner of cheeks again and again.

I also really enjoyed “window shopping” . . . The pastry and bakery shops in Spain are so different from those in the states. There are cakes that look like marble. Some that look like paintings. . . All filled with wonderful tastes. . .

If there were an art contest on the designs used in the foods of Spain, I think every restaurant would be displaying their blue ribbons on the wall.

Ham and Eggs


Octopus Spanish style

Shrimp salad







Last Chapter

There are so many more wonderful cities to visit in Spain that I have not written about.

My hope was to share some of my experiences, adventures, and to encourage others to want to have special adventures of their own, and enjoy seeing a few of the places I love.

In exploring Spain, you’ll see monuments reaching for the clouds, and special exhibits in basements in unusual places. And the buildings – such wonderful exteriors and roof statues.

You’ll experience cathedrals and churches in every city with unbelievably beautiful interiors.

Homes turned into museums. Ceilings everywhere are so different – painted, pressed plaster, carved plaster, carved wood, inlaid wood just to name a few. Don’t forget to look up!

Castles, palaces, windmills, and history. Don’t forget the history.

I hope that my stories have inspired you.

Happy travels to you!

City Hall, Madrid

Windmill, such as the one Don Quixote fought


Battlement of the medieval walls of Avila

Ceiling, Alcazar of Segovia

Alcazar of Segovia (Pic by sctkirk, cc by-sa2.0)

Crystal Palace, Retiro Park, Madrid