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May 2014

It is definitely Spring! Time to enjoy the series of long lovely Puente weekends and for long walks around Madrid taking time to savor the blossoms and green of the Retiro and begin a cherished round of American Club gatherings on terraces beginning with our Tuesday,  Networking Happy Hour at Palacio de Cibeles [last May 13th].

We have a special event this month at Schiller International University where we can all learn about how the internet and technology is changing life as we know it in exciting ways!  Be sure to sign up for our Tuesday May 27th event today.  Space is limited and you don’t want to miss this fascinating perspective on the digital age!

Mark your calendars!


Ritz BY pHILMARIN cc by-sa 3.0

The Ritz



Beginning June 1st we will be selling tickets for our forthcoming Gala on Eventbrite!  The annual American Club of Madrid Gala is our premier event. Our annual Gala evening at THE RITZ-MADRID is the one event no member will want to miss!  We are proud to partner with Sotheby’s Auction House for our live auction this year where members and friends will have an opportunity to bid on exceptional travel and luxury packages with proceeds from the auction being given to our charity of choice for 2014-THE RONALD MC DONALD HOUSE FOUNDATION



Since my last President’s letter we welcomed the following new and renewal corporate members:


Each of our corporate members will take the opportunity to introduce themselves to the membership at one of our forthcoming events .  . .  Please welcome the leaders and associates of these corporate members to ACM!


Events in April included a very successful and fun Networking Happy Hour at Le Como where 87 members and friends enjoyed catered tapas and drinks in a modern, spacious new venue.  We added an additional seminar to our Business Series in collaboration with IE and 57 attendees learned about the Entrepreneurial efforts of the IE business school – a resource for budding professionals seeking to move their business concepts forward.

Academia_de_la_Lengua by J.L. de Leon public domain

Real Academia

A private tour of the Real Academia de la Lengua Española provided 25 fortunate members and friends with a very special opportunity to learn about this . . . unique organization dedicated to the preservation of the Spanish language and their curator provided guests with a two hour visit to this private institution that few have opportunity to enjoy. Our thanks to Director Teresa Alarcos for arranging this cultural opportunity to us!



Last month, we reminded members of the Tuesday, September 16 th Annual General Meeting where THE AMERICAN CLUB OF MADRID will elect 12 Directors for the coming year.  In addition to recapping the activities of the club since last September, the membership takes on the task of casting their votes for the leadership of the club for the next 12 months.

. . .All members are encouraged to attend the AGM and also to come forward and volunteer to  . . . serv[e] as directors for the next 12 months.

Please consider the responsibilities related to serving on the Board of Directors and submit your Bio/CV to the elections committee at  byJune 15th:

Per our By-Laws the Board of Directors . . .  shall consist of fourteen voting Directors . . .   [and] twelve duly elected individual members. These Board members will be elected for a one-year term, and they may be re-elected indefinitely for additional terms . . .


The Board of Directors takes responsibility as a team for carrying out the club’s mission, handling the daily tasks of running the organization and meeting at least once a month to make all the important decisions that determine what we do, where we do it and how AMC presents itself in the Madrid community.  Every director takes on specific responsibilities so that the club can function, move forward and succeed throughout the year.

Being a director is very special as we receive invitations, introductions and opportunities as directors of our 62 year old club that are not generally available. We work closely with institutions, embassies and corporations as directors and are afforded these special opportunities. . .   Anyone who wishes to run for office must realize that they will have a real job to do and that being a director requires at least 10 hours a month. If you wish to be an officer, 15 – 30 hours a month are required . . . .

Directors vote to elect the President, two Vice Presidents, an executive secretary and treasurer from among the 12 elected directors after the annual general meeting.  Being an officer requires a much greater time commitment than being a director. . . Serving in any position on the Board of Directors can be fun, rewarding and carries a certain prestige as our organization is well recognized and held in high regard in the Madrid community. . .

If you have enjoyed participating in ACM activities and want to give back to your organization, running for office and serving as a volunteer for a year is a great way to be involved!

It is also important for the health and success of our organization to have new faces and new ideas and each election provides an opportunity to refresh and revitalize the club.  Please consider making a personal commitment to THE AMERICAN CLUB OF MADRID by running for office at the September 16th Annual General Meeting!

Thank you!

I look forward to seeing you all at [our forthcoming] . . . series [of] events!

Best regards,

TEXT from
Ms Green’s “President’s Letter,” May 2014

Ritz Hotel, by Philmarin (, CC BY-SA 3.0

Real Academia Española by J. L. de Leon
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