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by Jack Wright


We don’t know about other countries but in Spain the wedding industry is booming. Or at least that’s what the sector claims. That’s a stark contrast to, say, March-April 2020 when 17,000 weddings had been postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this year, many couples refuse to wait any longer to say “I do”!

Popular wedding venues are getting their fair share of the post-pandemic economic recovery

The sense of security that the 90% of the population getting vaxxed is bringing on, and the incremental deregulation of pandemic strictures as a consequence, are crucial factors. Even those who doubted at the beginning of the year whether to get hitched or not have decided to go ahead. Especially now that couples are allowed to tie the knot before the altar.

They won’t wait any longer to say “I do”

Piling up on this year’s eager brides and grooms are last year’s thwarted marriages, creating an avalanche. It is said that popular wedding venues are booked up to the coming year. A far cry from when weddings seemed a thing of the past or a hazy chimera in the distant future.

COVID-19 nearly did the weddings in but, thankfully, not quite, after all.


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