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by Margaux Alexandria Cintrano
Photos supplied by M. A. Cintrano

Although, the Veneto region encompasses much of the fertile Po Plain, and the historic cities of Verona, Padua, Vicenza and Treviso, when most of us hear “ Veneto” we immediately conjure Venice. The historic Queen of the Adriatic still glories in her great trade portal through which passed eastern spices, pastries and gastronomic techniques that spread throughout Italy and the European Continent.

The fabulous Fausto Brozzi, founder, producer and host of the Extraordinary Food & Wine Event Venice

Being a tourist, like the rest of us, I was sipping Bellinis at Harry´s Bar, and having Espressos in Piazza San Marco, where Rosano Brazzi and Katherine Hepburn amongst others from the silver screen did many years ago. I savored endless varieties of shellfish and seafood and wandered along the canals, traveled the ferries and even took a gondola to Murano munching pastries.

Ms Emanuela Marinello, Event collaborator and hotel manageress

Everyone loves authentic Italian regional cuisine. It is fresh, colorful and it is absolutely, amazingly, heavenly divine. My culinary journey began at the most remarkable Extraordinary Food & Wine Event Venice, produced and directed by Fausto Brozzi, and collaborated upon with Emanuela Marinello and Author, Private Chef Maurizio Pelli.

The places I ate in ranged from rustic to exquisitely refined, however, they all had one thing in common. They are all run by people who are committed to cooking the most authentic traditional foods possible and the best.  As I proceeded to the Palacio of Ca´ Zanardi in Venezia, located across the Grand Canal, I had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of professional artisanal producers of the most exceptional products and stunningly gorgeous wines that tell a story of the great Italian countryside and sea.

It is impossible to leave Venezia and not leave a piece of one´s heart and soul at the Palacio Ca´ Zanardi.

This event was dedicated to the masters of food art and the remarkably outstanding artisanal producers and suppliers, showcasing chefs including Chef Igles Corelli, Bruno Cingolani and Claudio e Alessandra Mazzoni.

Grazie Infinite — Mauriizo Pelli, Emanuela Marinello, Fausto Brozzi, Radoar Wines, Voerzio Martini Barolo, Upstream Salmone´s Daniele Rossetto, Aurelio Del Bono Wines, Casa Caterina, Flos Di Lanzani Cecilia, Fausto Brozzi, Le Colture Spumanti Valdobbiadene, Maramia Wines 100% Sangiovese, Alimentari Pasquinelli, Francesco Cozzi Food Business Evolution, Stefano Sacchi & Photographer Alessia Sacchi, Tenute Barzan Wines, Valerio Rossi Aceto VR 40, Angelo Capasso, Calvisius Caviar, Vestri Cioccolato, Maurizio Dio di Pentole Agnelli Cookware, Villa La Ripa Liquors, The Family Rice, Riso Goio di Rovasenda, Giovanni Minelli di Malandrone 1477, Federico Monetto di Uno 61 Pasta, Andrea Boero di Enoteca Boero, Cantina Valtidone, Ciro Flagella, Gianfranco Pasquinelli Fromaggi & Pasticeria Pinel.


Featured image/Pedro Szekely, CC BY-SA2.0


Extraordinary Event’s Extraordinary People

Pelli’s book

Maurizio Pelli, author, private chef, and Event collaborator too!

Gianfranco Pasquinelli of artisnal Parmigiano

The artisanal producers: in this photo, Stefano Sacchi shows off his salami and salume

Ruggieri Family, the Wine Family. See also below

Cesare Ruggieri