A SECOND OPINION: Trump Better, Campaigning Hard

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The Marine One helicopter which has become symbolic of the U.S. President’s
“triumphant” bout with  COVID-19. Says the White House official
Facebook page: No one predicted the kind of Great American
Comeback that President  Trump has led—both during
his first 3 years in office and amid the global
Coronavirus outbreak this year.
15 October 2020.

by Mary Foran

They refuse to say whether or not the US President tests negative for coronavirus now that the doctors have finished their therapy and given him the go-ahead for a series of campaign rallies this week.

But Donald Trump himself says he feels better than ever and is ready to resume the campaign trail. No word on how Melania is feeling, and many of his entourage who tested positive for the contagious illness.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett with Trump: “The Senate began its confirmation hearings this morning for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. [She] is highly qualified–and the right woman for the job.” White House Facebook,13 October 2020.

The Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett have started, which means the Senate may have time to vote on her confirmation before the Presidential election on November 3rd.

The timing for Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis couldn’t have been worse for him, with Democrat Joe Biden barking at his heels in a divided country longing for change.

Trump is going to repeat his mantra of “Law and Order” and a rebooting of the American economy while Biden leans to the left on most policies.

Donald Trump, “a fighting man who doesn’t want to appear weak in front of his constituents”

If I were Trump, I would have crawled into bed until the election was over, but Trump’s a fighting man and doesn’t want to appear weak in front of his constituents. He took experimental drugs to get over the virus faster and fought his doctors tooth and nail every step of the way.

I just hope that he hasn’t damaged his health in any permanent way and that the outcome of the election will be a fair fight between two candidates who are on opposite ends of the poles.


Featured image and Judge Barrett/White House official Facebook page
Trump/Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA2.0 via Flickr, cropped