A SECOND OPINION: Trump Barred from Ballot in Two US States

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The “insurrection” at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021 with Trump’s involvement


by Mary Foran


Former US President Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign hit a snag last week when Maine joined Colorado in barring him from the Primary Ballot in March. The State officials who orchestrated the move said it was because of Trump’s participation in the January 6th “insurrection” at the nation’s capital, according to an obscure reference in the Constitution. Other states are lined up to follow suit.

Nikki Haley speaking with the media after a campaign event in Scottsdale, Ari.

But despite all this, Trump still leads in all the polls. Nikki Haley, the former Ambassador to the UN and Governor of South Carolina, leads the Republicans who are contesting Trump’s bid for the nominee of the party, and Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, comes in third.

Many want Trump again because of the border crisis which is overwhelming border agents with migrants from all over the world. Even so-called “sanctuary cities” are pulling back from their support of the migrants, who come in droves in busses sent by the Governor of Texas.

Most of the migrants have to sleep in the streets with the homeless population.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon: Part of the US Pacific fleet, it was recently involved in a deliberate near-miss incident with the People’s Liberation Army warship Suzhou. Suzhou cut across the bow of Chung Hoon just 150 yards away while sailing through the Taiwan Strait.*

President Joe Biden’s immigration policies have become so unpopular that most question his bid for the Presidency in 2024. Inflation has skyrocketed under his Administration and most citizens think they are worse off under his watch.

Wars are raging under his leadership, with North Korea and China rattling their war sabers against the US.

As the New Year proceeds, we hope that the people will be able to choose their leader without interference and that wars in the world will cease.

Happy 2024!


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Icr>ecream cone and ribbons/Kristina Evstifeeva, Unsplash, cropped

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