A SECOND OPINION: Thanksgiving Thoughts

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It is time to give thanks for the bounty we have and the people we love and who love us.


by Mary Foran


The fourth Thursday in November has been set aside in the US for the Pilgrims commemorative feast with the Native Americans, Thanksgiving.

The First Thanksgiving as portrayed by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

It is a time when family gets together and traditional dishes are made: Turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Green bean casserole and stuffing and gravy and of course, pumpkin and pecan pie.

It is also a time when we give thanks for the bounty we have and the people we love and who love us.

Every year homeless shelters ask for donations for a meal or two. Why refuse them when you are lucky enough to have food on the table?

In Spanish it is known as the Dia de Accion de Gracias, and gratitude is what it is all about. Gratitude for the Good Life we have been blessed with and gratitude for a secure future.

It is more than just eating a hearty meal, it is the remembrance of all our blessings throughout the year and the anticipation of the Christmas Season.


Featured image/krakenimages, Unsplash
Quote mark/Oakus53 via Wikimedia Commons
First Thanksgiving/Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, 1899 via Wikimedia Commons. PD in the United States, Spain and many other countries

Background image for Thanksgiving wishes/Agata from Pixabay